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April 16, 2007, Herald Journal

Do voters want to pay more?


Democrats are claiming Minnesotans want to be taxed more, because voters elected more Democrats in November than Republicans.

However, when Democrats were campaigning, they claimed they weren’t going to raise taxes if elected.

Mike Hatch, DFL candidate for governor, was quoted by the June 12, 2006 Star Tribune as saying, “We can do this without raising taxes.”

Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL, Speaker of the House, also told several publications she and her fellow Democrats weren’t going to raise taxes.

The Nov. 13, 2006 Business Journal quoted her as saying “The Democratic caucus is fiscally conservative, and does not plan any major tax increase.”

The Nov. 9, 2006 Pioneer Press reported Kelliher had said “she didn’t expect the House to raise the state income tax.”

The Oct. 11, 2006 Rochester Post Bulletin quoted Kelliher as saying “House Democrats had no plan to raise taxes.” She cited a state auditor’s report claiming more than $1 billion in uncollected state taxes as one reason why raising taxes wouldn’t be necessary.

The Sept. 4, 2006 Duluth News -Tribune stated both Kelliher and DFL Whip Tony Sertich of Chisholm, who is now majority leader, said, “no tax increases would be needed, although they promised to push for collecting currently unpaid taxes.”

Now that the DFL is in the majority, it is safe for them to tell their true intentions. They do want to raise taxes, and in a colossal way, $5 billion worth.

If you are one of the voters who chose DFL candidates this past election because you actually want to pay higher taxes, rest assured that Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s expected veto won’t prevent you from paying more.

Take out your checkbooks and write a check to the Minnesota Department of Revenue for whatever amount you feel you can afford. Send it to the State Dept. of Revenue, 600 N. Robert St., St. Paul, MN, 55146. Be sure to include a note saying this money is in addition to what you already owe.

Kelliher, Sertich, and the other DFLers will be delighted, despite what they said last year.