Pro-tax blog scares opponents

October 15, 2007

by Roz Kohls

Most of you have never heard of the Stillwater Infidel. He hasn’t been mentioned much in the mainstream news media, because the Stillwater Infidel is the opposite of what most of us expect.

The Stillwater Infidel supports a new school levy referendum in the Stillwater School District 834.

At HeavyLevy834.blogspot.com, between July 18 and Sept. 8, a writer who goes by the nickname the Stillwater Infidel, released personal information about those who oppose the levy.

The people who oppose the tax increase are part of a group called Citizens for Responsible Spending 834.

The Stillwater Infidel posted the members’ addresses, former addresses, birthdays, names of spouses, and photographs of the opponent group’s children. He also posted the make and models of their vehicles, license plate numbers, and where their children go to school, their ages and activities.

In addition, the Stillwater Infidel posted the group’s property tax statements, and linked to maps to their homes.

That’s not the worst, though. He posted a photo of one of the women from the opponent group circled in red and the word, “execute” on it.

The Stillwater Infidel obviously wants to intimidate the people who are opposed to the tax increase, and wants to suppress their activism.

After the people of Stillwater school district became frightened, the Stillwater Gazette, KSTP 5 Eyewitness News, and others tried to figure out who the Stillwater Infidel was. The man then took the information off his web site. You won’t find it there now.

School board candidate Jim Kremer said some of his campaign people bowed out of the controversy because of the “infidel’s” intimidation tactics, according to a KSTP report on Oct. 5.

The “infidel” later posted an apology on his site saying he was sorry, and doesn’t condone violence.

In the meantime, people scoured the “infidel’s” blog, looking for clues to who he was. They found an entry he had written in the past that he had a 1997 Saab 9000. A former candidate for the school board, also has a 1997 Saab 9000. Could he be the “infidel?”

That’s why I’m not listing his name. He might be facing charges of making terroristic threats, but he hasn’t been officially charged yet.

What’s odd about this case is who is for the tax increase, and who is against it. Usually, members of the aluminum-foil hat brigade are the anti-tax folks, and the ones you’d expect to use the Internet to intimidate people.

The Stillwater Infidel is just the opposite. Most of the mainstream news media shills for tax increases for education, as the “infidel” did. That’s why it didn’t mention the Stillwater Infidel until after he apologized.

This time, the guy who wants to increase taxes, and spend more on education, is acting like the nut job.