Conservatives often silenced

October 29, 2007

by Roz Kohls

Last week, Oct. 22-26, was Islamo Fascism Awareness Week at more than 100 colleges and universities. The goal was to discuss Islamo Fascism.

At 30 colleges there were major speakers scheduled. It was billed as the largest demonstration by conservative college students ever, according to David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine Oct. 15.

At 20 of the schools, an uncut version of the mini-series “The Path to 9/11” was scheduled to be shown. At another dozen colleges, sit-ins in women’s studies departments were planned to protest their silence over the oppression of women in Islam.

At this writing, I don’t know how the event turned out. What is interesting is how leftists tried to silence the discussion before it began. The American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, a far left outfit, sent intimidating letters to the presidents of all the universities having events for the week, trying to get the presidents to cancel them, Horowitz said.

The Socialist Workers’ Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party organized non-stop against it, and promised violent disruptions.

“The lesson is clear: the left will welcome and defend free speech rights of the Iranian dictator, Ahmadinejad, a murderer of American troops in Iraq, but will go all-out to try to stop a discussion of Islamo Fascism, itself,” Horowitz said.

What’s really pathetic is how many university officials sided with the leftists in silencing the discussion.

At George Washington University, the campus was papered with flyers headlined “Hate Muslims? So Do We.” It said, “Your typical Muslim has: laser eyes, venom at the mouth, . . . peg-leg for smuggling children and heroin,” It was purportedly published by the conservative students at the university organizing the awareness week events.

Even though it was obviously a hoax, the university president flew into a rage, dragged the conservative students into his office, accused them of hate crimes, defamed them, and threatened them with expulsion.

When it turned out campus leftists published the flyers to discredit the conservatives, the university president backed off entirely. The flyers were no longer a hate crime, and his threat to expel the flyer publishers was suddenly forgotten.

Here in Minnesota, leftists had a fit when the University of St. Thomas originally banned Bishop Desmond Tutu from speaking at the college. Tutu had compared Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians to Hitler.Many Jewish people in Minnesota believed Tutu was anti-semitic.

The college president, the Rev. Dennis Dease, changed his mind Oct. 10, and gave the go-ahead to have Tutu speak.

Then last Monday, Tutu declined the invitation. A professor had been demoted because she accused the university president of claiming Tutu had committed hate crimes. Tutu wants her reinstated before he accepts the invitation. An uproar from the left about censorship and civil rights ensued, of course. Leftists now want the university to beg Tutu to come.

It always amazes me how often the right to freedom of speech is reserved only for those on the left.