Females will fight to be free

November 19, 2007

by Roz Kohls

When Sally Field gave her acceptance speech for winning an Emmy this year for best actress, she said, “If mothers ruled the world, there would be no (expletive deleted) wars in the first place.”

Field has feathers where her brain is.

If Islamic fundamentalist ideology becomes supreme, mothers and all women will be the first to suffer.

Under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, “men and women are not equal. Women are considered to be physically, emotionally, intellectually, and morally inferior to men,” according to Donna M. Hughes, professor at the University of Rhode Island.

“Women were not permitted to go to school or to work or to leave the house, unless accompanied by a male relative, and had to wear a burqa, a bag-like garment that covers the whole body and has only a mesh opening to see out,” Hughes said.

“In Iran, women are not permitted to run for president or be judges because they are not capable of making decisions. . . Women and girls are seen as morally weak and must be prevented from having contact with men who are not family members. . . An act as simple as a girl talking to or meeting a man from outside her family is considered to be a violation of her family’s honor. The shame she has brought on the family can only be wiped out by killing her. This is the basis of honor killings.”

The punishment in Iran is stoning to death. The woman is buried up to her neck, and then heavy stones are thrown at her head until she dies. Eight women are imprisoned now in Iran, to be stoned to death.

“The Iranian woman is today engaged in the most serious, most difficult, and most decisive battle of her destiny,” said Maryam Rajavi in “The Price of Freedom.”

“Women are the prime victims of oppression under the clerical regime and they have the highest explosive potential against the regime. (Women) are humiliated and tortured every day, only because they are women. Yet, they have never surrendered,” Rajavi said.

It’s easy for Field to say women will never choose war, because she is already free and talk is cheap. If Field thinks the rest of us are going to sit back and do nothing, because it’s not politically correct, or that the abusers will claim we violate their culture or religion, she is wrong.

Females have always fought to defend themselves and their children. They will again.

As Rajavi said, “No power in the world can prevent the liberation of a woman who has decided to be free.”