Students taught to be ‘illegals’

December 31, 2007

by Roz Kohls

High school students in a Spanish language class in Columbus, Ohio are being taught, how to break the law.

In a Dec. 15 article in the Columbus Dispatch, the teacher, Erica Vieyra, described a role-playing project she has had for the past five years for her students in Olentangy Liberty High School.

Instead of teaching her 40 students how to speak Spanish, she teaches them how to develop a workable plan to immigrate to the United States illegally

First, Vieyra has the students apply legally with a Latino identity.

“Fill out the correct documents, follow the proper steps. And then, after they spent days completing the actual paperwork from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, she took out her red ink pad and stamped a big, fat DENIED across every request.” she said in the Columbus Dispatch.

Then Vieyra tells the students to come illegally.

“Forge your documents, find a way across the border. Then, research real ads and find a place to live in Columbus. Figure out what it would cost, how to get food. Plan how to survive,” she said.

Next, the students had to go to real businesses in Columbus and ask for Spanish-language job applications. They were instructed also to go to a bank and ask for new account documents written in Spanish, Vieyra said.

Vieyra forgot to mention, though, the part about illegal immigrants stealing other people’s identities and Social Security numbers to get those jobs.

Nevertheless, Vieyra said she taught the project, how to live illegally in the US, so her students would see how frustrating it is, as if being a lawbreaker is supposed to be easy.

It also was supposed to teach high school students “empathy,” she said.

Keep in mind, she taught this project for five years. I wonder what the parents in that school district thought about her project during that time.

Imagine here in Minnesota, an economics teacher had a project in which the students were to learn how frustrating it is to get a lot of money fast.

First, the students would be told to find high-paying jobs. Then she would stamp a big, fat DENIED across every job application.

Next, the teacher tells the students to get the money illegally. She proceeds to tell them how to rob banks, what weapons to use, the best time of day to avoid the security guard, how to pick out the most timid bank teller, best mask to wear, and the fastest getaway vehicle.

Minnesota parents would object. That teacher would be canned so fast, she wouldn’t have time to say “empathy.”