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March 26, 2007

It was a great week for me

By Aaron Schultz

It doesn’t get any better for me than last week.

Yep, there are real bad weeks to be me, than there are real good weeks, and last week was a real, real good week.

I didn’t cure any horrible disease, or win the lottery. In fact, I did very little of anything.

Still, just thinking back to last week brings a smile to my face from ear-to-ear.

So, what was so great about last week?

Well, thanks for asking. Let’s start with Monday, March 19. As many of you may know, that is the first day of high school baseball practice.

True, I may have only had 11 kids due to the state tournament run by the Lester Prairie boys’ basketball team, but it was still great to get the baseball season rolling.

That brings us to Tuesday, and with basketball wrapping up practice, we were able to put the batting cage up in the gym. Yes!

Then came the highlight of my week – the Bulldogs opened up state tournament action Wednesday against Cass Lake-Bena at Williams Arena.

Sure, the Bulldogs lost, and the day was a nightmare before I left, but it was all worth it.

Sitting in press role at Williams Arena, watching the Bulldogs play their hearts out against a very strong Cass Lake-Bena team was everything it could have been.

Yes, the Bulldogs lost, but they showed anybody that may have questioned if they deserved to be there that they did.

This brings us to Thursday, and the news that the University of Minnesota had hired a new men’s basketball coach.

That hire was Tubby Smith. Yes, the same Tubby Smith that coached the Kentucky Wildcats for the past 10 seasons, and led them to a national championship.

I couldn’t believe it. Finally, the Gophers were going to mater again in men’s basketball.

According to reports, 600 new season tickets were sold in the first 48 hours after he was hired.

If I had the money, and time to actually make a few more games, I would have been one of those buying season tickets.

So, as you may be able to tell, I am very, very excited about Tubby leading the Gophers.

Okay, time to turn a little negative. This Friday St. Cloud State lost in the opening round of the NCAA hockey tournament, again.

That loss makes the Huskies 0-for-ever in the tournament. Too bad Huskie fans, maybe next year. Haha!

The week wrapped up Saturday with one very, very good day.

After baseball practice in the morning, I watched the Gophers’ hockey team come from behind to top Air Force in the opening round of the NCAA tournament.

Once the game was over I drafted my fantasy baseball team.

Yep, one great week for me.