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June 25, 2007

It’s time to trade Garnett

By Aaron Schultz

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ season has been over for a few months, and I am now finally getting interested.

I paid little, if any, attention to the Wolves this season as they struggled all year long.

I did watch the NBA lottery, which only brought more disappointment, as the Wolves didn’t luck out, and ended up with the seventh overall selection in the draft.

But, over the past week, something has happened that has gotten me interested.

Reports all week have been running that the Wolves have been entertaining offers to trade superstar Kevin Garnett.

Any decision to trade Garnett shouldn’t be taken lightly, as he is the face of the franchise, a former MVP, and still one of the top players in the NBA.

However, even with Garnett, what have the Wolves been able to accomplish over the past three years? Nothing.

They have missed the playoffs all of those years, and don’t seem to be turning the corner anytime soon.

Sure, they have some nice young talent in Randy Foye, Craig Smith, and others, but those players are no-where near ready to be stars in the NBA.

Garnett is in his early 30s, and time is already taking its toll on him.

His production, while still very good, is not what it used to be, and Father Time will only be slowing him down more over the next several years.

So now is the time to blow it all up; trade Garnett, and get a shot of energy into the organization.

Before I go further, let me just say that I am a fan of Garnett. His energy on the court is fun to watch, but how much energy are you going to have when you are losing by 20?

Garnett needs to be traded now, before his production slips even more, and while he is still considered an elite player in the league.

With a trade, the Wolves should be able to stockpile some young talent, a few draft picks, and get some salary cap flexibility to sign free agents.

Some of the rumors that are flying around include one that has Garnett going to the Boston Celtics for Al Jefferson, some guy named Green, a couple of other players, and the fifth overall pick in next week’s draft.

If that is really the offer, and the best one that is out there, then I say jump on it.

Of course, there has been a snag thrown in that deal. Garnett says he doesn’t want to go to Boston, and would opt out of his contract after next year.

To that I say, thanks a lot, Garnett.

You have been paid a king’s ransom by the Wolves, worshiped by Minnesota fans, basically had your run of the organization, and now you hurt the Wolves’ chances of getting fair market value in a trade by saying things like that.

Please Garnett, just shut your trap, and give us fans a chance to start over.

Although, there have been other teams that are reported to be interested in his services, including the Suns and the Clippers.

The Suns’ deal that I heard would be the best possible scenario, with the Wolves getting Amare Stoudamaire, draft picks, and a few other pieces. And that is a place Garnett would want to go.

But, I don’t see any chance of the Suns giving up Stoudamaire, a young future superstar, for an aging current superstar.

Still, as a wannabe Wolves’ fan, I can dream.

Wherever he ends up, Garnett better not be in a Wolves uniform next year, or it will be another winter without the NBA for this guy.