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January 1, 2006

There will be purple at the Super Bowl

By Matt Kane

The Vikings, as we all know, will not be heading to Miami to play in the Super Bowl Feb. 4, but the forecast for that Sunday still calls for some purple rain.

Minnesota’s oversized, muscle-headed professional football players will be at home, lounging in front of a flat screen plasma television, while Minnesota’s undersized, muscle-lacking professional musician is playing at midfield.

When it was announced Dec. 10 that Prince Rogers Nelson; a.k.a. Prince; a.k.a. The Artist; a.k.a. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince; a.k.a. Tafkap; or a.k.a. some unpronounceable symbol not found on an American keyboard, was going to be the musical talent at halftime of the Super Bowl, my only thought was to be thankful Minnesota’s purple would be represented on South Beach in some way.

How sad is it that the Minnesotan with the tights on at the Super Bowl will be Prince and not Chester Taylor?

It will be Prince’s first appearance at the Super Bowl, but he does have a connection — kind of a six degrees of separation connection.

Prince and Beyoncé Knowles performed together at the 2004 Grammy awards, allegedly in replacement of Janet Jackson, shortly after Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston.

Apparently the Grammys thought Jackson’s fleshy dance style was a little risqué for prime time television. I’m wondering if the Grammy board members ever listen to the lyrics or watch the videos of the artists they present awards to.

And Prince isn’t exactly a choir boy.

I’m writing this column before any NFL games have been played for week 17, so I’m not positive about which teams will be playing for a chance to share the turf at Dolphins Stadium with Prince. But I will give my predictions as to which teams I think will be playing.

In the AFC, San Diego, with a 13-2 record (through week 16), is the sexy pick, but I like the team one game behind the Chargers, the Baltimore Ravens.

Not for the fact they have purple in their uniforms, but because they have a solid defense, and a good enough offense.

Despite their 12-3 record, the Ravens don’t seem to be getting much attention. And why would they? All Baltimore has done is win the AFC North with the top rated defense in the league.

The NFC is a little more difficult, simply because nobody stands out besides the Chicago Bears.

Forget it, Bears fans, Rex Grossman is not going to lead your team to the Super Bowl.

My pick in the NFC is the Philadelphia Eagles, making Super Bowl XLI one for the birds.

The Eagles qualified for the playoffs last Monday with a win over the Dallas Cowboys, and look to be the team on the rise.

But, who the heck even plays for the Eagles, now, you may be asking. And that’s why I am picking them to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. They are a bunch of no-names that play as a team.

There is no T.O., and no Donovan McNabb, and look where Philadelphia is today. NFC East Division champions, and second in the NFL in total offense with 380.7 yards per game.

It truly is too bad Minnesota isn’t in the playoffs. If I could have picked the Vikings and Ravens in the Super Bowl, with Prince as the halftime entertainment, purple rain truly would have poured down on Miami.

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