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May 7, 2006

Tiger athletes recognize mom

By Matt Kane

Why is Mother’s Day such a celebrated holiday?

Could it be that this one Sunday in May makes us realized that we should be thankful to mom because she changed our diapers, wiped our noses, cleaned our ears, clothed us, kept us fed, mended our wounds and kissed our boo-boos, tucked us in at night, and taught us how to use an adult toilet, tie our shoes, color inside the lines, pray, sing, read a book, ride a bike, catch a baseball, do our makeup, shave our legs, drive a car, and be an adult?

I think that these are precisely the reason Mother’s Day is so special. And the list is infinite.

It’s amazing how these women do what they do. As an athlete, I don’t know how my mother, who was not an athlete, knew everything she did about the sports I was playing. Whether it was picking out hockey skates or a new first baseman’s glove, she always knew what to get. And she was always at my games to see how I did with the new skates and glove.

In honor of Mother’s Day, which is May 13, this High and Outside column is remembering moms everywhere. Not in my words, but in the words of current Delano High School athletes. Here’s what four of those athletes said about three different moms:

Mom: Doreen Shrode

Doreen Shrode is the mother of Averi, Andria, Ali and Alan.

I swear this woman never sleeps! I don’t know how she does it and where she gets her energy, but somehow she is able to work everyday, attend all of our sports events, she sings in a band, has breakfast and supper ready, and never misses a day either running or biking or swimming! And I thought I was in shape! I love you mom and I would never let any other person cut or color my hair! Happy Mothers Day!

Love Ave

Averi is a senior on the Delano track and field team, and was in cross country and gymnastics.

Mom: Vicky Rajewsky

Vicky is the mother of Megan, Michael and Courtney.

My mother has always been there for me. From the first time I laced up my hockey skates to the most recent washing of my baseball uniform.

For every broken bone and injury, she was there to take care of me.

Whether she’s trying to tell me what I did wrong or telling me what I did right, I always appreciate her thoughts. No matter how mad she can make me, I never forget about all the moments she has supported me.

I am proud to be her son and I would like to thank her for all that she has done.

— Michael

My mother is the most selfless person I know. She always puts off something else that she would like to do so she can come and support me in whatever I am doing.

Whether it’s sitting in a freezing hockey arena, a crowded theater, or the 100-plus degree heat of a mid-July softball tournament, she is there.

She often surprises me with lunches for long bus rides and always has a water bottle on hand when she arrives at the ball park. She amazes me because even though she already has enough to worry about with her job, dinner, the house, and, of course, us three kids, she manages to show me how much she loves and cares about me.

So, thanks for everything that you do for me, mom.  I love you and Happy Mother’s Day!

— Megan

Michael is a junior on the Tiger baseball team, and plays hockey. Megan is a senior softball player, and also plays hockey in the winter.

Mom: Michelle Clements

Michelle is the mother of Lindsey and Lucas.

I love that you make it to every game of mine. You’re always there cheering me on and pushing me to become a greater athlete.

My teammates and I can always recognize your loud voice out of all of the people in the crowd. Even though it seems embarrassing at the time, I realize that you do it because you care.

Thank you for all of your support no matter what, win or lose, you’re always there.  I love you mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.

— Lindsey.

Lindsey is a junior on the Delano girls’ golf team, and plays soccer and basketball.

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