April 16, 2007

Chiropractic clinic, Adjust to Wellness, opens in Waverly today

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

Dr. Sarah Bartosch will open her new chiropractic clinic, Adjust to Wellness, in Waverly today.

The new clinic, located just north of the railroad tracks on 5th Street N., will offer chiropractic services, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements.

Bartosch is a graduate of Watertown-Mayer High School. She received a bachelor of science degree in biology from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul in 2002.

In April 2006, she graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington as a doctor of chiropractic.

Bartosch is looking forward to working with area communities, providing them services that she has personally found helpful in her life.

Her mother, Susan Ernhart, worked for Dr. Claussen who had a chiropractic clinic in Watertown when Bartosch was younger. Claussen treated their entire family, and when Bartosch began suffering from headaches, he was the one she turned to for relief.

“I had a headache every day. I was miserable. I was in about the seventh grade and I was swimming for Watertown-Mayer,” Bartosch said. “One day, my family was going to the Minnesota Zoo. As we were leaving home, I told my parents to go back in the driveway because I had forgotten my bottle of Tylenol. I was taking medication for the headaches all of the time,” Bartosch said.

Once she realized that she could not leave home without medication, she started to see their family chiropractor. After a few visits, and with his advice on other helpful exercises and ways that she could help herself, her headaches went away.

“It really was an amazing thing. My headaches were gone,” she said.

When Bartosch was in college at St. Catherine’s, she was able to do some chiropractic assistant work at a clinic in Wayzata. It was additional proof to her that a vocation in chiropractic services was something she would definitely like to follow.

“Patients would come in and they were in pain. You could see them get better and better each time they would come in. They would bring their family in. It was this whole transition in a person’s family. I just thought this was something that I would be able to provide as a chiropractor – a gift to people to give them good health.”

She and her husband, Dean, a service manager at Lundeen Brothers Ford in Annandale, have been married five years and live in Montrose.

They have a daughter, Grace, who was six months old April 3.

Dr. Bartosch believes in the health benefits of chiropractic services so much she even took her daughter, only a few weeks old at the time, to the college where she had graduated from.

“She had colic pretty bad and it was hard to separate the mother role from caretaker. So I brought her to the pediatric chiropractor.”

According to Bartosch, there is no age limit for someone seeing a chiropractor. There are different styles of adjusting. Different techniques are used for small babies, as well as the geriatric population.

It was her wish to open a clinic in Waverly because she wanted to be close to home.

“I grew up in this area and I like that small community feeling. When we found this building, it was just a perfect fit.”

Who should see a chiropractor?

Bartosch believes that everyone should see a chiropractor to get their spine checked.

“There are so many things in our daily lives like sedentary lifestyles, stress, different dietary factors that can cause some misalignments in the spine.

“I think everyone should come in and get their spine checked just like they come in to get their eyes checked or a dental checkup,” Bartosch said.

“It is nice to know if there is a little minor thing happening, you can catch it right away and be proactive.”

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