March 19, 2007

Collinwood, Ellsworth townships bejeweled with lakes

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Both Collinwood and Ellsworth townships are on the eastern side of Meeker County and dotted with lakes.

Collinwood Township

Collinwood Township is south of Dassel.

The township is bounded by Wright County on the east, and McLeod County on the south. Highway 15 runs along most of the western side.

Not only does the township feature Lake Jennie, Spencer Lake, Butternut Lake, Maple Lake, Long Lake, Wolf Lake and Lake Byron, but also major recreational lakes, such as Washington Lake and Collinwood Lake.

Pigeon Lake was identified in 2004 as the fourth largest colonial water bird nesting area in the state.

Collinwood Township is governed by a board of supervisors. They are Randy Holm, David Prieve and Carl Rokala. Township clerk is Larry Ostlund, and treasurer is Michelle Schnitzler.

The board of supervisors meets at the town hall March through October at 21904 746th Ave., Dassel. During the winter months, the board meets at homes of officers.

Prieve, Curtis Grundahl and Holm are the township’s fire wardens, and issue burning permits.

Collinwood Regional Park is along the shore of Lake Collinwood. The 308-acre park has facilities for campers, swimmers, picnickers, hikers, cross country skiers and boaters.

The modern campground is open from early May through October, and includes a large picnic shelter area. The campground is accessible by land on the Wright County side of the lake.

Ellsworth Township

Part of Lake Washington also extends into Ellsworth Township. It isn’t the only recreational lake in Ellsworth Township, however. The township includes Manuella Lake Belle Lake, Lake Stella, Cedar Lake, Lake Erie, Green Leaf Lake, Fallon Lake, Birch Lake, Porter Lake, Sioux Lake, Willie Lake, Benton Lake, Hurley Lake, Mud Lake and Jewett Lake.

Ellsworth Township is south of Darwin. The township is bounded on the south by McLeod County and Collinwood Township on the east. Greenleaf Township is on the west.

There are three historical sites in the southern part of Ellsworth Township related to the Sioux uprising of 1861-1862. Near the Collinwood Township line and Meeker County Road 18 is the site where Chauncy and Nathan Lamson killed Chief Little Crow. Nathan Lamson was wounded in the incident July 3, 1863.

Near Cedar Lake, along CR 18, is a marker for Daniel Cross, who was killed by Sioux Sept. 20, 1863. Near Belle Lake is a marker for Kaleb Sanborn, who was killed by Sioux Sept. 19, 1863.

Ellsworth Township is governed by a board of supervisors including Roger Werner, Larry Graf and Dave Tipka. Tom Carlson is the township clerk and Elvera Smith is treasurer.

Eugene Barrick is in charge of burning permits.

The Ellsworth Township Hall is along Meeker County Road 9. Darwin.

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