September 17, 2007

New chiropractic business in town

By Kelsey Linden
Staff Writer

Do you ever wake up with back pain or neck pain? Do you wish your body felt like it did 10 years ago. Maybe even 20?

Dr. Scott Rinne has been telling himself his whole life that he wanted to help people with pain. Just last week, Rinne opened his own chiropractic business in Delano.

When first walking in the door to his newly organized office, it’s not hard to recognize that Rinne really loves what he does and that he is more than excited to do what he loves most, helping others.

As a graduate from Delano High School, Rinne is no stranger to the community. He spent his first few years at North Dakota State University with the thought of a math major for engineering.

“I’m kind of a nerd,” Rinne laughed.

Yet, he was not happy taking math class after math class, so he spoke to a career counselor and took a career test. He discovered that chiropractics was an interest of his that he never fully thought of as a career choice. As soon as he watched a video from Northwestern on their chiropractic classes, he was sold.

Classes were interesting, but Rinne really fell in love with healing people and working one-on-one with each patient.

After graduating from Northwestern Graduate School of Health and Sciences in 2004, he worked at a practice relief for a year, and then two years for a chiropractic firm in Montrose. It’s been a week now at his own office and he is happy to open his own business.

Rinne married his high school sweetheart, Jessica Gabrelcik, last October and together, they bought a farm house in Buffalo.

Everything seems to be falling into place for Rinne, especially the job. “It makes me feel good to know that I can help people. I love my job,” said Rinne.

Rinne finds arthritis to be the most common reason why people come in for help. Also, Rinne says that many come in for maintenance check ups.

“Some feel better and have more energy when they come in once a month,” said Rinne.

As far as pain goes, Rinne has seen it all from lower back pains, shoulder pains, to ear aches and headaches. Headaches and back pain are the most common.

Rinne believes the most challenging part of his job is running a business. After just leaving Montrose, he had to learn all the details of owning a business. As far as the first week goes, he is just learning as it goes. It’s a slow process.

To his surprise, Rinne was booked solid with patients his first day.

“I was planning on being able to hang things on the walls and make it all look really nice. Nope. I was in the chiropractic room all day, but I love it. I was so excited and I’m still so excited,” he laughed.

“It’s like Disneyland where you get all jittery the night before because you’re so excited. That’s how I’ve felt all week.”

When examining his patients, often people wonder whether cracking their knuckles, their back, or their neck is bad for their health. Rinne assures that it is good to relieve tension in the joints, but there is a correct way to go about it.

“Often people overdo it. It’s not a bad thing because it relieves tension in the joint which helps with pain, but the problem when people do it themselves is that they hit the wrong joints while doing it, which can be damaging. You can mess it up just as fast as you can make it better. That’s why they say ‘leave it up to the people who have gone to school eight years to learn how to do it correctly,’” said Rinne.

“There’s a lot of things people can do at home to prevent pain, like sleeping correctly. I’ve always tried to promote home care as much as possible, so people don’t have to pay a doctor every week to help them.”

Rinne has found that most of his patients carry a large amount of stress in their muscles.

“Stress is actually a physical condition and that’s why it affects a lot of people in their muscles. Stress kills people, literally, with all the hormone release and I hope I’m helping people by relieving the tension.”

Rinne also sees quite a few athletes with pain. He can do physicals for school as well.

Now that Rinne has his own business in Delano, he still has patients that drive all the way from Montrose to see him. Some travel even further.

Two of his devoted patients Art and Gloria Schoeming stopped in for their regular check-up.

“The reason we drive 63 miles one-way is because he’s good. He’s going to do very good for Delano. I’ve known a lot of chiropractors, but 80 percent of them should be flippin’ burgers. You can walk out of here free of pain,” said Art.

Rinne is more than thrilled to help patients like the Schoemings because he likes knowing that he can use his talents to help others live a better quality of life.

“I can help a lot of people, but not everyone gives me the chance,” said Rinne. “About 8 to 11 percent of people see a chiropractor, the other 90 percent don’t. I’d be more than happy to help anyone. I wish I could help everyone, but it’s got to come from the patient.”

Dr. Scott Rinne’s chiropractic office is located off of Highway 12 right behind the State Farm building. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call (763) 972-3340.

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