Police say third suspect helped move hidden coins taken from bank

October 22, 2007

By Lynda Jensen

A complaint filed last week revealed details about a third suspect involved in a recent burglary at the State Bank of Cokato.

Steven Timothy Munsinger, 22, of Cokato allegedly used his pickup to transport coins located in small trash cans from behind Keaveny’s Drug following an overnight burglary Oct. 6, which law enforcement say was executed by an associate, Jeremy Richard Fuller, 18.

As a result, Munsinger was arrested Thursday, charged with receiving stolen property, as well as aiding an offender to avoid arrest.

Another suspect, Kelly Louise Bell, 42, was allegedly the recipient of stolen goods that night, which was brought to an apartment less than a block behind the bank, according to police.

Bell told officers that Fuller used a pair of orange-handled scissors to pry open drawers of tills at the bank. The scissors were not recovered.

Later, the suspects went shopping with the stolen money – something that Bell told officers was “wrong.” She said that she kept the receipts.

Officers visited with Munsinger at his home Thursday in Cokato Township, where they recovered goods purchased with stolen money, including shoes, clothing and jewelry, which Munsinger willingly gave up.

In the complaint, Munsinger stated that he was at the apartment where Bell and Fuller lived, when “. . . . Fuller arrived with a bag of money he said he got from the bank by picking the lock.”

Munsinger said he drove Fuller and Bell to the bank in his pickup truck to retrieve a large amount of coins Fuller had hidden near the bank behind Keaveny Drug.

From there, Munsinger said he drove them back to the apartment.

A search warrant executed at the apartment revealed a large sum of money, newly purchased electronics and clothing, and items believed to have been taken from the State Bank of Cokato, according to the Wright County Sheriff’s Office.

The theft was discovered when an employee opened the bank Saturday morning, Oct. 6, and discovered cash missing from the tills.

Fuller is charged with second degree burglary. Bell is charged with receiving stolen property and aiding an offender.

In all, $17,000 was taken.