July 2, 2007

Team from HL clinic to walk for a cure

Five members of Ridgeview’s Howard Lake Clinic will walk for a cure

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

Staff from Ridgeview’s Howard Lake Clinic too often are witness to the effects of cancer through patients who frequent the clinic, which is the reason why some employees have been inspired to “walk for a cure.”

Betsy Farrier of Howard Lake and Rhonda Zappa of Maple Lake both work at Ridgeview and are two members of a team of seven who will walk the Breast Cancer 3-Day Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure Friday through Sunday, August 24-26 in the Twin Cities.

One team member is a cancer survivor and fellow employee to Farrier and Zappa.

“I have thought about the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk for a few years now, and participated in the Relay for Life walk two years ago,” Zappa said.

“Working in a clinic, I have met some very special people, and have seen how diseases such as breast cancer affect lives and families,” she added.

Farrier also walked in the Relay for Life two years ago, and said that the relay was the spark that got her interested in the three-day walk.

“Working in the medical field, we see the young and old getting cancer,” Farrier said.

“What really gets me is how people who don’t even have a family history of cancer are being diagnosed,” she added.

Farrier has relatives who have survived cancer and feels the walk is something she can do to help find a cure.

Each participant must raise at least $2,200 just to be eligible to walk the 3-Day. A table with bracelets and paper ribbons is set up at Ridgeview’s Howard Lake Clinic for donations.

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