April 30, 2007

Dahlman becomes state officer

Senior Pam Dahlman becomes first state FFA officer from Dassel-Cokato

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Dassel-Cokato senior Pam Dahlman was named one of the six state officers for FFA at last week’s state convention. This is also the first DC student to become an FFA state officer.

Dahlman set a goal for herself to become a state officer from her early years in FFA, as a seventh grader.

That summer, she attended an FFA camp, where she met the state officers. This inspired Dahlman to someday become an officer as well, she said.

She was chosen from among 21 applicants, and will represent more than 8,600 FFA members.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Dahlman said.

She will be the state secretary, and will be responsible for attending FFA board meetings, writing the agendas and minutes for them, and keeping the membership list up-to-date.

Dahlman’s FFA instructor Seena Glessing describes the opportunity as rare.

“It takes a very special person, to become an officer. It really is a diamond in the rough,” Glessing said.

She attributes much of Dahlman’s success to her “fantastic public speaking ability.”

“I’m very proud of her,” Glessing said.

Dahlman was awarded the secretary position at the FFA awards ceremony Tuesday. She was the last to be announced.

“I ran on stage. I think it was the fastest I ran in my whole life,” she said.

Dahlman was told she was a “bomb of emotions.” “I was laughing and crying at the same time,” she said.

It is rare for a first-time applicant to receive the title the same year.

“It was surreal,” she said.

The rest of the DC chapter was very supportive of her during the convention, she said.

They made signs and kept her calm during the waiting period.

“It was encouraging to know they were backing me up,” she said.

Some even told her they were more nervous than she was.

“I hid it well,” she said.

Dahlman understands this isn’t all about her.

“I know [the team] appreciates what I do, and that is a good pay off for me,” she said.

Dahlman’s title did not come without effort, however. During the state convention, she endured six rounds of interviews and a long application process, which included writing an essay and explaining her FFA history.

This summer, she will begin her reign with three camps, one at the Miracle of Birth Center at the state gair grounds; business and industry tours, and will work on next year’s state FFA convention.

Dahlman will be receiving a scholarship to go along with her new title.

She now has a new “coveted” jacket with “association” on it instead of “Dassel-Cokato,” showing she now represents the state, not just the DC chapter.

‘It’s a huge deal, just being able to accomplish one of my goals,” she said.

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