March 12, 2007

Meeker County Sheriff introduces deputies to Dassel

Brian Massingham, Gordon Prochaska assigned to city

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Meeker County Sheriff Mike Hirman and Captain Brad Lindgren formally introduced one of the deputies who will be patrolling Dassel on a regular basis to the city council last Monday.

Deputy Brian Massingham of Dassel, who has been with the sheriff’s office for nine years, is one of the officers. Gordon Prochaska, formerly of St. Joseph, also will be on board soon as a deputy assigned to Dassel.

Massingham is the officer who captured the Cokato man in a midnight pursuit Feb. 10 in downtown Dassel, Lindgren said.

In addition to the introduction, the deputies presented the city with a check for $1,217, the city’s share in the Safe and Sober funds.

They also provided an incident report for February, which the sheriff’s office has agreed to provide once a month as part of its two-year law enforcement contract with the city of Dassel. Out of the 42 incidents in the report, three were relatively serious, Lindgren said.

Deputies intercepted a person, who attempted suicide by swallowing a handful of pills, as the person drove to McLeod County. The person was taken to a mental health unit for treatment, he said.

Deputies also intervened in a domestic assault. In the third incident, the Cokato man, who Massingham apprehended in a trailer on Todd Street, is now safely behind bars, Lindgren said.

Council Member Pat Haapala asked for advice about a situation she observed recently. A neighbor’s unoccupied home had what appeared to be prowlers circling the building, entering the owner’s garage, and jumping up and down inside as if they were celebrating.

It wasn’t clear-cut that a crime had been committed. Haapala couldn’t contact the owner or owner’s family about the peculiar incident, she said.

Lindgren told Haapala to call 911 if she ever saw the prowlers again, or in any situation that is suspicious.

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