April 9, 2007

DC drumline wins state

From ‘Chaos to Unity,’ drumline finished first in its class at state

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

“Chaos to Unity” pretty much defines this year’s Dassel-Cokato drumline season, but chaos or not, drumline won state finals in its class March 31.

After what was a very long season of regular practices, additional practices, and having to change programs mid-season, the Dassel-Cokato drumline went undefeated and won the state championship in its class at St. Cloud State University’s Hallenbeck Hall.

DC drumline competed in a tougher class this year, where judging was more strict. The class consisted of six teams, and DC went to state undefeated.

There, they competed against Phoenix Drumline and Night Fire from Fargo/Moorhead for the championship. The team went to state in 2003 and won, as well.

The line began practicing in November to a Nintendo-themed program with permission from the company.

Before competitions began, Nintendo backed out and the line had to start from scratch.

“It was pure chaos,” said Mary Neu, the outgoing president for music boosters.

Drumline instructor Brian Veith and Neu were on the phone discussing the predicament.

They both ended up finding the universal sign for unity on the Internet, and decided to go with the theme, “Chaos to Unity,” Neu said.

Veith and Jade Warpeha found the music to suit the theme. The beginning of the program featured “chaotic” music using mostly, the marching drums and cymbals.

Then, the program came together with instruments from the pit, or stationary, such as keyboards, xylophones, bells, stationary drums, and cymbals.

With the change of music, the team had been scrambling for the first part of the season, with extra practices to catch up, according to Neu.

“The kids showed such resiliency and dedication. They are awesome,” Neu said.

In the past, drumline has gone undefeated through the season, but failed to win at state.

The team was a bit nervous, Neu said.

“They marched a fantastic show and the music was the best they performed all year,” Veith said.

Drumline consists of five different instrumental groups including snare, tenor, bass, cymbals, and pit, in which grades seven through 12 can compete in the state-wide competition.

Students performing in snare were Bryant Beckermann, Bethanie Borg, and Andrew Erickson; tenor was Carmen Dischinger and Jordan Struthers; bass, Jason Juntunen, Tynelle Marschall, Ashley Norberg, and Tom Peterson; cymbals, Emily Jarl, Aubrey Norton, Shannon Lundquist, and Katie Gustafson; and the pit, Alex Cady, Britt Erickson, Christa Juntenen, Nicole Kaczmarek, Erin McRaith, Beckah Neu, Kendra Osmondson, Kaitlyn Ryan, Sarah Ryan, Shauna Struthers, and Kayla Veach.

A banquet is scheduled for Sunday, April 15 at the high school commons and then at the Performing Arts Center for an awards ceremony.

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