May 21, 2007

Montrose adopts city goals for 2007

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

The Montrose City Council adopted goals for 2007, based on a leadership, planning, and team building retreat that was conducted March 31.

The external goals are to:

• expand the city’s economic development efforts;

• improve the city’s marketing, public relations, and overall image;

• improve communication with the public;

• manage the city’s growth so it will be balanced and quality growth;

• develop and improve the city’s infrastructure in accordance with the Alternative Urban Areawide Review;

• development of the city’s park system;

The internal goals are to:

• ensure the city’s financial stability;

• enhance communication and teamwork between the council, city staff, and commissions;

• to develop a long-term (five to 10 year) strategic plan for the city;

• to address the city’s facility and staff needs.

Those participating in the retreat were the mayor and council, City Administrator Barb Swanson, Deputy Clerk Wendy Manson, Secretary Kris Richter, Web Site Designer Mary McCarty, Planning and Zoning Commission Member Cory DeWitte, and Parks and Recreation Commission Member Nancy Monsrud.

Youth programs growing

Montrose Youth Boosters President Keith Roseen told the council that the youth baseball program grew by 40 students this year, including 30 that are 8 years old or younger.

Roseen said the increase coincides with the influx of new housing in the city between 2001 and 2003.

“If we don’t increase parks and programs, we will have a vandalism problem in five years. There will be nothing for the kids to do,” Roseen commented.

Roseen said repairs are needed on the second ballfield at the elementary school.

Repairs will cost $1,200, and the school only has $600 in its budget, Roseen said. He asked the council it the city could contribute $600 toward the repairs from the parks fund. The council approved the request.

Residents speak during open forum

During the open forum portion of Monday’s meeting, resident Catherine Neiberger stated that when she was reviewing documents at city hall, she was unable to find a fully executed developer’s agreement that she was looking for.

Neiberger also said that some employee information was taken away from her.

“We can pull information from any employee if we hand it back to you to black out social security number information,” Neiberger said.

She also asked for the city’s official records retention schedule, and said that the Data Practices Act states that residents must be allowed access to personal electronic devices, such as computers and cell phones, used by city staff.

Mayor Charlie Nelson agreed that everyone is entitled to public information.

Resident Bob Chantland said that when he was at city hall reviewing records, the “S” file from accounts payable was missing.

Chantland asked Nelson if the city plans to use eminent domain to secure Garfield Avenue easements for the Larry Miller property.

Nelson said the city is still getting information about the easements.

Chantland asked Nelson what the total city budget for 2006 was, and how much the city paid consultants in 2006.

“We do not have those records here tonight,” Nelson replied.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• accepted the resignation of Jim Trombley, who served 23 years on the fire department and acknolweged Trombley for his service.

• approved the relocation of 30 trees at a cost of $100 per tree. The trees, an assortment of maples, pines, and oaks, 4 to 6 inches in diameter, will be replanted in city parks.

• approved increasing spending authority for the city administrator from $1,000 to $1,500, and implemented spending authority up to $1,000 for the public works director. All purchases are reviewed by the council.

• approved the purchase of a 72-inch John Deere model 1435 mower for public works at a cost of $13,900.

• approved fireworks permit fees of $50 for inside sales, and $250 for outside sales.

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