Feb. 5, 2007

A historic group of friends

A rich history runs through these past schoolmates and neighbors

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

A room full of familiar faces descends on the Hollywood Ranch House once a month for a group of people who either grew up together or were neighbors back “in the day.”

They are a group consisting of farm kids of yesteryear, a strong tie that has kept them in touch with each other no matter what life continues to hand them.

Each month, for the last seven years, the group enjoys lunch together at the Hollywood Ranch House, to catch up on life.

One couple comes all the way from Milaca each month, just for the lunch.

Members of the Hollywood group either attended District 76 Hollywood School together, or were neighbors raising children in Hollywood Township at one time or another.

Some members talked about how busy their lives were when they were raising children and running a farm. They didn’t have a chance to visit and enjoy one another in those days.

Now that most of the group is retired, they have the time they always wanted to gather and chat.

School, creamery history

“From miles around, farm children attended School District 48,” said Janola Nelson, group member whose husband, Ray, attended the school.

“Some of those children were Tim and Sam Nelson, Titus Hultgren, the Murphys, Johnsons, Vidlunds, Landbergs, and Campbells. In 1906, District 76 School was built, and most children then went to that school,” she said.

“Helen (Drew) Sietz, Frank and Tom Drew, and Glen Johnson (who are members of the group) went to the old original Hollywood School District 48, which served the area until the district split, and the new school was built in 1906,” Ray Nelson explained.

“The new school was about one mile west of the old one. Closer to the Hollywood Store and Creamery,” he added.

“All the children who attended School District 76 were the children of local farm families, except for Ray Rasmussen, whose father operated the Hollywood Creamery and the Hollywood Store for a short time,” Nelson said.

“Morse Rasmussen was the operator of the Hollywood Creamery for quite a number of years. Kenney Thiesen installed indoor plumbing and the softball diamond at the Hollywood Store,” he said.

This very interesting history is often discussed at the group’s meetings, as well as current affairs.

The group meets the third Monday of each month, rain or shine.

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