August 13, 2007

Delano Royalty has had a jam-packed summer so far

By Karrah Anderson
Staff Writer

They’re back, and more sparkling than ever.

The Delano Royalty Organization Ambassadors, Princesses Brittany Boorse and Emily Hutter, along with Miss Delano Sarah Fleming, have had a jam-packed summer with open minds for the year to come.

July 3 marked their first steps onto the carpet of their royal year. They have agreed to carry on the tradition of representing the town of Delano to other communities.

These three ladies promise a unique contribution to the ambassador program and the town of Delano.

Their initial crowning was personally shocking to each of the girls – they didn’t know what to expect. There was a whirlwind of excitement surrounding the girls, as their families and friends waited in anticipation for the crowning to happen. This exciting atmosphere made it hard for the girls to actually recall being crowned; all they knew was that they were excited.

“I was ready to faint. I felt really nervous,” Boorse remembered.

“I just saw my sister fly up and I was very pleased. Later, I saw the picture of me smiling – I had no idea I could show that many teeth,” Hutter exclaimed.

“I thought it was unreal,” Fleming added.

These girls have come a long way from their candidacy, and have had the chance to represent Delano in both the community and around the state.

They have traveled to Waverly, Monticello, Maple Grove, Hopkins, the Wright County Fair, Rockford, Dassel, Silver Lake, and the Minneapolis Aquatennial torchlight parade, to name a few. Each event has allowed them to show off Delano, while at the same time, transforming them into confident ambassadors.

“As candidates, we were following leaders, now we’re the leaders,” Boorse said.

Relationships and bonds have been formed between different ladies in different communities – bonds they look forward to strengthening over the next year.

In Hopkins, the girls shared a dance after the coronation with many other ambassadors. Everyone let down their guard, held onto their crowns, and danced the night away.

“I didn’t expect the relationships we’d form,” Hutter said, when thinking about their year so far.

The Wright County Fair was another great time of fellowship for the ladies. The girls had the chance to ride an unlimited number of rides for free, just because of their crowns.

“There is a change in lifestyle, and it takes up time, but you enter a completely different world,” Fleming explained.

“You can’t fully understand it until you are a part of that world,” Boorse added.

Boorse, Hutter, and Fleming are more than ambassadors in pretty dresses – these young women are driven with goals for the future, with the plan to have fun all along the way. All three graduated from Delano High School in 2007 and have exciting years ahead of them.

Boorse will be moving in the fall, and will be attending Ridgewater College for a degree in nursing. She has been busy with many other things this summer, and has made a point to spend time with her friends before heading off to college.

“I went camping with 13 of my friends at Moose Lake. It was our last hoorah before everyone leaves for school,” Boorse said.

Hutter has been busy as well this summer.

“I babysit almost every single day,” Hutter explained.

She also displays her love for the theater while student directing for the Delano Middle School play, “School House Rock Jr.” She will be heading off to St. Cloud State University to pursue a degree in elementary education and a minor in social work.

“I’m excited to meet new people,” Hutter said. “When I was at the Aquatennial parade, I met 12 other candidates that will be going to St. Cloud.”

Fleming will be traveling to Northwestern College in St. Paul. She plans to get a degree in psychology and a minor in Bible.

“I’m excited for the community and dorm life,” Fleming said, “I suppose the education will be good, too.”

Fleming went on another adventure this summer where she was able to exhibit qualities that put her in her ambassador role.

She went to northern California and taught at a camp for abused children. Her aunt is the director of the camp, and Fleming asked if she could be involved. For two weeks she played with kids, nurturing them and giving them a safe place to be.

“I felt like I became a mother to certain children,” Fleming explained, “It was an amazing experience.”

The girls have been busy and will continue throughout the month of August to represent Delano at many events, which they are excited about. Their royal schedules will slow down just in time for school to start.

“I’m anxious because we just started. I’m just thinking about what other friends and communities we’re going to meet, and to see where everyone is going to go after our reign,” Boorse said.

The relationship that these girls share has been strengthened by this experience. Each of the girls brings something to the table, aiding in a fun and successful year thus far. They have learned a lot about each other, and have shared many laughs because of it.

“Hutter is the goofy one of the three,” Fleming laughed.

“She also is the one that does our hair,” Boorse added.

“We’re not insanely different, the three of us,” Hutter added.

Music is a common love for each of the girls. Hutter claims to be a Disney and Christmas music junky. Fleming writes her own music and plays the guitar, and Boorse; she’s famous for singing loudly and proudly in her car.

“I’m always singing in my car, I always lose my voice,” Boorse laughed.

“She knows, like, every song – even rap – like every single song,” Fleming added.

Both Hutter and Boorse agreed that Fleming was the energetic one, but stubborn nonetheless.

“Sarah doesn’t wear sunscreen, yet oddly, I’m the one that gets burnt,” Hutter said with a laugh.

Boorse is known to be the laid back one of the bunch.

“She’s the chill one, go with the flow king of a girl – with the exception of the dance floor,” Fleming said.

The dance floor is another thing that bond them together. Each of the girls sat and hummed the “Newsies” song they performed at their Meet the Candidates night, and reminisced about their dance.

The time they have spent together has taught them a lot about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and who to depend on for what.

“We’re all responsible at different times, and all leaders at different times,” Fleming explained.

Their families have also grown close through this experience.

“Our families are goofy,” Boorse said.

“All very fun-loving,” Fleming added.

“We have an official float staff: Timmy, Bobby, and Stevey,” they all explained.

Their mothers and fathers all do their part, along with the committee, to ensure the safety and comfort of each of the girls. They are very appreciative of all the help they’ve received from the committee and their moms.

“Our moms are the chaperones. Kathy is the go-getter with pictures, Diane is the veteran, and Patty is the cool, calm, and collected one,” they decided.

“It’s been cool to get to know each other’s families,” Hutter said. “It’s been really fun.”

The journey has just begun, and they have seen and grown so much. Soon school will start, and they will be able to employ the skills they have learned through visiting other communities.

Their ambassadorship will not end when they are at school, they will take their skills and continue to represent Delano down each path and relationship they pursue while at school.

“This has taught me a lot of responsibility,” Fleming said. “It gives you a confidence boost, even when it has nothing to do with royalty.”

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