September 3, 2007

Lifelong friends start duct cleaning business in Winsted

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year to start a list of tasks needed to be completed before winter arrives. Especially in Minnesota, where every homeowner prepares for the possibility of some cold months ahead.

To maintain the best air quality possible in homes and businesses throughout the winter months, Jason Sundby and Jon Gesinger, owners of J & J Duct Cleaning in Winsted, suggest that heating duct work be cleaned every three years before turning on those furnaces in the fall.

Of course, the same recommendation is made in regards to air conditioning duct work in the spring, too.

Lifelong friends, Sundby and Gesinger purchased top-of-the-line duct cleaning equipment about seven months ago and are looking to expand their business in this area.

The idea to start a duct cleaning business seemed promising as Sundby saw a need through his father’s business, J & S Mechanical in Watertown providing heating and air conditioning systems.

The business is an extension to Sundby’s dad’s and they have been taking on new business, as well.

By removing the dirt, debris, mold, and bacteria in the air duct system, the air you breathe in your home or business becomes cleaner and healthier.

Using 8-inch hoses, the J & J Duct Cleaning’s high powered vacuum collects all of the dust and debris as it is removed from the vents with brushes and an airwhip.

This advanced cleaning method can complete the entire cleaning process in two to three hours in an average size home.

Sundby and Gesinger also encourage a scheduled cleaning after remodeling because of sheetrock dust, fiberglass, and sawdust which should be removed so it is not going into the heating and cooling system.

Another scheduled cleaning should be done before replacing an older furnace. Getting the duct work cleaned first is the recommended way to go.

Families that deal with allergies or have pets should probably have the duct work cleaned in their homes more often, too.

Finally, don’t forget the dryer vents which J & J Duct Cleaning recommends cleaning once a year to prevent them from becoming a fire hazard.

Getting the word out about their new business is Sundby and Gesinger’s newest project. Both are enjoying the freedom that owning their own business provides.

“We can make our own schedules and I like to deal with the customers,” Gesinger said.

“I think it is nice not having someone there looking over your shoulder,” Sundby said.

When Gesinger and Sundby are off duty, the two enjoy the outdoors. Both like to fish, snowmobile, hunt, and boat. Anything outdoors.

Each has made their home in Winsted. Sundby is single and Gesinger is engaged to marry April Koehnen.

J & J Duct Cleaning, LLC in Winsted

J & J Duct Cleaning provides services to clean duct work on heating and cooling systems, and dryer vents.

Call Jason Sundby at (651) 983-4772, or Jon Gesinger at (952) 200-3911 for better air quality in your home or business.

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