July 9, 2007

Senior king and queen enjoy riding in the Fourth of July parade

Claude Teas and Marguerite Bang received honor

By Karrah Anderson
Staff Writer

A tiara, a crown, and a scepter, – the necessary means for a royal occasion, and a glamorous “Senior Prom.”

Golden Living Center of Delano celebrated the crowning of its prom king and queen, Claude Teas and Marguerite Bang, June 27 – just in time for them to ride in the Fourth of July parade last week.

The Delano Royalty Organization candidates came to crown the next royal court. The newly crowned king and queen were awarded trophies and had the honor of riding in the elegant “Journey Down the River of Life” float created by Kara Reiser, the activities director at the center.

The nursing home has had a senior prom for many years now. The tradition is to have the residents vote for their peers, narrowing it down to two males and two females, and then a final vote is taken to decide the king and queen.

After the vote is tallied, the coronation takes place. This year, Delano Royalty Organization candidates Brittany Boorse and Kayla Gravdal had the honor of crowning Claude and Marguerite.

The new king and queen are very honored to be selected by their peers.

“It was very exciting, a true honor,” Marguerite said with a modest smile.

Marguerite grew up in Red Wing, and traveled many places over her lifetime, following her husband, Everal’s job. She’s lived more than 88 years with the mentality that attitude is everything.

“I always try to be pleasant and positive,” Marguerite explained. “It’s just as good as medicine.”

Marguerite enjoys her home at the center and gets along with others; however, she tries to stay independent, as well.

Her presence emits a peace about her that was undoubtedly one of her most admirable characteristics, which she attributes to her strong faith.

“I have a great faith. It’s carried me over it all,” she explained. “It did, it does, and always will.”

Her ride in the parade was her first time taking part in the Delano Fourth of July festivities. When asked about her royal wave, she answered honestly, “I think of it as a windshield wiper,” and motioned back and forth.

Claude Teas joined Marguerite at her side as prom king. Claude was born in Watertown, but has spent his married years in Delano, making him very familiar with the parade. He served as local mail carrier for 45 years.

“I loved every minute of it,” Claude boasted. “I always had a good time.”

He and his wife, Ginny, have six children, who have given them many grandchildren. His grandchildren, he calls “the quads,” were eager to travel alongside their grandpa’s float, handing out candy.

“Family is so important,” Claude stated. “They are so important to me.”

Claude is very friendly to all he encounters at the center.

“I love it here,” Claude remarked. “I have so many nice friends here.”

The birds also enjoy Claude’s presence, as he makes a point to save a piece of his bread every day to feed to the birds outside the center, sometimes even twice a day.

Both Claude and Marguerite have made a pleasant and lasting impact in their lives, especially at the center.

Their amiable qualities radiated as they rode proudly along the parade route, atop their elegant throne.

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