July 2, 2007

Delano council amends its strong beer license fee

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

In a special city council meeting Tuesday night, the Delano City Council amended its fee structure for strong beer licenses.

Gina Coburn, owner of Three Crows on River Street, asked if the council would consider reducing the fee for strong beer, which was at $2,500.

She asked the council for the reduction because her business is almost entirely dining, but added she would like to sell imported beer and microbrews.

At its regular council meeting June 19, the council conducted a public hearing about the proposed fee reduction. Following that, council members directed city staff to prepare a resolution with a lower fee amount.

For its strong beer license, the council set two tiers – if strong beer gross sales are $25,000 or less, the license will cost $1,000. If strong beer gross sales are more than $25,000, the fee would remain $2,500.

It was noted that this should address the concern a local bar owner had of other bars opening up in town if the fee was lowered. The new fee structure went into effect July 1.

Lighting styles discussed for Highway 12 project

Members of the council discussed lighting styles for the corridor through Delano as a part of the Highway 12 reconstruction project, slated to begin June 2008.

Mayor Joe McDonald and Council Member Holly Schrupp, both who serve on the subcommittee regarding the project, felt more than just the standard Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) option was necessary.

It was noted the city shares 50 percent of the lighting costs with MnDOT, which has proposed 80 lights running through Delano. MnDOT allows $5,000 per light, which at 80 lights, would equal $400,000 – with the city being responsible for $200,000.

Anything above that, should the city want to look at different styles of lights, would be the city’s responsibility.

Following discussion, council members Larry Bartels and Brad Hotchkiss didn’t see the necessity in more extravagant lighting options.

Since any action that would have been taken on the lighting options most likely would have been a tie vote (Council Member Marc Plese was absent), the council decided to revisit the issue at its next meeting Tuesday, July 17.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• approved a purchase agreement for 200 East Babcock Boulevard (The Daily Grinde) with property owners Mark and Gina Kosek in the amount of $275,000.

• reviewed FEMA storm water projects with City Engineer Kent Torve. More information will be presented at a future meeting.

The council also discussed a fee change for its storm water impact fees. This will also be presented to the council at a future meeting.

• discussed property acquisition by means of eminent domain for 85th Street construction, with any action being tabled until its next meeting.

• approved a fencing proposal for Central Park ballfields, pending review of the city attorney.

• removed discussing northwest industrial park options and a development agreement for Highland Ridge third addition from its agenda.

The council also tabled considering a development agreement for Delano West Crossings.

• entered into closed session to discuss a purchase offer for property at 102 Maple Ridge Drive.

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