Jan. 1, 2007

'The modern road to wellness'

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Angela Meredith of Cokato believes in taking the modern road to wellness and is incorporating that idea into her new massage business, Natural Path.

Meredith, formerly a Raisanen, is a certified massage therapist and is currently working out of Nesseth Chiropractic Clinic in the Tower Center Mall.

Natural Path offers theapeutic massage, heated stone massage, ear candeling, infant and pregnancy massage, and corporate chair massages. Meredith also works with insurance companies who cover massage for patients suffering from car accidents.

Meredith uses Young Living essential oils which are pure oils from plants, other oils only have a drop of pure essential oils in them, according to Meredith.

The oils, Meredith says, are beneficial to so many people with different kinds of ailments as well as for preventative care. Oils have been known to help people with cuts and scrapes, insomnia, high blood pressure, even cancer and diabetes, according to Meredith.

These oils have also been know to help with Attention Deficit Disorder and depression, according to Meredith.

“I want people to know they have natural options for prevention and care of today’s health needs,” Meredith said.

Meredith and her husband, Mark, have been interested in alterative healing and medicines, but hadn’t been convinced of any product until they went to a seminar on Young Living oils last winter.

Meredith wasn’t going to be taken in by any gimmicks, but after trying the oils during her pregnancy, she was convinced of their benefits.

“I’ve been trying to prove them wrong, but it’s not happening,” she said.

Now, she and her husband have even been experimenting with the oils in their cooking. Mark dreams of one day opening an organic foods restaurant.

There are 130 different oils and some examples include, peppermint, spearmint, lavender, clove, lemon grass, and balsam fur.

Meredith is also working to receive her Doula Certification. A professional doula is a birthing coach for expecting mothers. She needs four more births to be certified and is looking for anyone interested in a birthing coach at no charge.

It has been shown that with assistance of a birthing coach, the rate of cesareans and use of pain medications has been drastically reduced, according to Meredith.

She has had an interest in working in the medical field, but didn’t want to work with surgery or medicine. This gives her that opportunity.

Meredith is also certified in prenatal and perinatal massage and teaching parents to use massage on their babies for different ailments such as colic. It has also shown to be a benefit in premature babies, according to Meredith.

For more information on Natural Path, Young Living products or to schedule an appointment with Meredith, call (320) 224-3263.

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