October 8, 2007

Franklin Township discusses what it takes to pave a road

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

The Franklin Township Board heard a request from the Rivendell Homeowner’s Association for paving 50th and 47th Streets.

Mark Muth and Stephanie Briemon, representing the association, asked the township board what needs to take place in order to get the road paved for the 45 homes along the streets.

Township Chairman Bill McMullen said there needs to be a certain percentage of homeowners, or beneficiaries of the project, who request it in order to get the ball rolling and have a study done to find out the costs.

Discussion took place about what that percentage would be, who costs are assessed to, other reasons roadways would be paved, as well as the costs of maintenance on paved roadways.

McMullen will contact the township’s engineer, Ron Bray, to get an estimated cost for the residents to see if there is enough interest before a more extensive study would be done. He will also determine the percentage required to request the improvement and advise Muth and Briemon to follow up with the residents in their neighborhood.

Board approves contracts for gravel in 2008

Bids for gravel were reviewed and approved by the township board at its meeting.

After discussion, the township decided to purchase 7,000 cubic yards of class five gravel from the Buffalo pit, and 1,000 cubic yards of class two granite from a pit in St. Cloud.

Odds and ends

In other business, the board:

• accepted a bid from Marty Kittok of $400 to purchase the township’s disc mower to be used for parts.

McMullen abstained from the vote as Kittok farms his land.

• approved the 2008 contract with the Watertown Fire Department, which is $259 more than last year. The total contract approved this year was $43,336, with last year’s being $43,077.

• noted bridge repairs have been done on Brighton and Farmington avenues.

Following the meeting, McMullin said due to settling, the bridge surface was a bit higher than the roadway, so pavement was placed to allow for better plowing and less dangerous roads.

Rockford Township will not do its side of the Farmington Avenue bridge repairs this year, but plan to put blacktop on so plows don’t catch on it in the winter months.

Discussion also took place about the Highway 12 construction and detours.

• in response to a question from a resident, told about the break-in that had taken place at the township hall the weekend of Sept. 15.

It was noted two front doors were broken into, and several interior doors were also broken. Tools were taken from the shop, a fire extinguisher was set off, and a copy machine and other miscellaneous items were taken.

Following discussion, McMullin said he would check into a security system. He also noted the sheriff’s office stopped by and reported there aren’t any leads at this time, but that evidence was still being processed and the case was being actively investigated.

• discussed sand and salt needs for the upcoming winter. The township committed to 250 tons of sand and salt, and 73 tons of pure salt.

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