Franklin Twp. decides to not pave roadway

December 10, 2007

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

After discussion and reviewing a petition submitted by township residents, the Franklin Township Board decided to not move forward with plans to tar part of 50th Street and Ehler Avenue, at its meeting last Monday.

At a previous meeting, several residents from the Rivendell Addition had asked about the possibility of having the road tarred, and the township requested a study to see what the costs would be. At a follow-up meeting, a petition was received from residents not in the Rivendell Addition requesting the road not be tarred.

Cost estimates to tar the road came in at approximately $527,000. The township board decided, due to high costs, as well as the petition from a majority of the residents (those not in the Rivendell Addition), not to move forward with plans to tar the road.

The township board will get back to the homeowners from Rivendell and advise them of the cost estimate.

Railroad crossing improvements discussed

The board discussed two letters received by the township about railroad crossing improvement projects.

Gates at Dague Avenue and Darrow Avenue were up for consideration as part of the Minnesota Railroad Highway Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Program.

These projects, at an estimated cost of $300,000 each, would be funded with 50 percent federal funds, and 50 percent Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad funds if accepted into the program.

It was noted the Darrow Avenue crossing is not highly traveled, and is really more of a driveway. The township decided to request to have Dague Avenue considered for involvement in the project, but not Darrow Avenue.

Another letter was received by the township regarding crossing arms at the railroad crossing at 72nd Avenue. The township learned this intersection was included in a state transportation improvement program at an estimated project cost of $225,000.

Federal funding would cover a majority of this project, with the township’s share being $22,500. It was also noted the City of Delano will be responsible for a percentage of that cost.

Odds and ends

In other business, the board:

• received a cost estimate of $7,550 for the township’s audit. The board discussed the audit, and agreed to have Larson/Allen do the audit, with the request it’s done in a timely manner.

• approved the renewal of a conditional use permit for Dan Anderson for a mining permit for property along Wright County Road 17.

This permit will be reviewed again in two years.

• discussed a solicitation ordinance, and decided to hold off on any such ordinance at this time.

It was noted the township needs to determine if the problem is widespread enough to consider an ordinance, as ordinance passage requires public hearings, and brings up questions about how it would be enforced.