Jan. 22, 2007

Newest Delano Council Member Plese takes oath; jumps right in

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Marc Plese took the oath of office at Tuesday’s Delano City Council meeting, bringing the council back to full strength.

Plese was appointed by the city council to fill the remainder of Mayor Joe McDonald’s council term now that he has been elected mayor. The appointed term will be for two years.

Delano City Clerk Marlene Kittock administered the oath of office to Plese as his wife, Sara, held a Bible.

After Plese took his position at the council chambers, he was welcomed to the council by McDonald and the other members.

Council Member Larry Bartels said he would like to see a resolution in place that indicates better how the city would handle situations where someone resigns mid-term for whatever reason in the future, and he added that this happened a lot in the past.

It was decided by the council to discuss the issue further in a future workshop session.

The council appointed its liaisons to various commissions and subcommittees, with Plese being appointed as liaison to the park and recreation committee and to the historical society.

Council Member Holly Schrupp was appointed as liaison to the planning commission and to the Highway 12 bridge aesthetics subcommittee, along with McDonald.

McDonald will serve as the liaison to the public safety committee, as well as the human resources committee with Council Member brad Hotchkiss.

Hotchkiss will also serve as the ex officio member of the Delano Fire Department Relief Association.

Council Member Larry Bartels is presently on the water, light, and power commission.

No increase in sanitation agreement with Randy’s

The council reviewed a letter from Randy’s Sanitation about its rates.

The contract the city currently has with Randy’s allows the opportunity to increase the collection rates annually, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The letter indicated there would be no increase this year. A representative from Randy’s asked to speak at the council meeting, but was not present. The council tabled the issue until a future meeting.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• approved a reduction of security for Kings Pointe.

• approved a cost of living increase in wages of 3.9 percent, and an increase of 16 percent of the city’s contribution toward employee insurance.

• approved an on-sale liquor license and Sunday on-sale liquor license for the Juke Box Restaurant, once it’s moved to its new location on Bridge Avenue March 1.

• authorized a change order and final payment to Magnum Contractors for the Elm Trail project.

• supported the application of a grant through the Small Cities Development Program for the Crow River Villa Apartments.

• approved 2007 wage increases for firefighters who are on scene, or respond to the fire hall, but do not make it to the scene.

Since the early 1990s, firefighters received $7 per hour while on scene, and $1 per hour for responding to the fire hall, but not making it to the scene.

Fire Chief Bob Van Lith requested this be raised to $7.50 per hour while on scene, and $1.50 for those reporting, which was approved. He also said in a letter that he is looking at annual increases from now on.

Hotchkiss indicated he would like to see a comparison of what other cities similar in size are doing for compensation.

• entered into a maintenance agreement with Wright County for annual maintenance on County Roads 17 and 30.

• set Tuesday, April 24 as its meeting date for the local board of appeal and equalization meeting.

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