New transfer station, recycling center working well for Randy’s Sanitation

December 10, 2007

By Jenni Sebora

A one-stop shop for all one’s waste removal and recycling needs, Randy’s Sanitation offers it “all” to its customers.

These customers include residents, businesses, contractors, and municipal customers throughout the greater Minneapolis metro area and surrounding counties, with its headquarters located in Delano.

Randy’s Sanitation provides all-inclusive services to its customers, from routine trash and recycling pickup to electronics and appliance pickup, and almost everything in between.

“We want to provide all services that a customer may need,” Director of Company Operations Jim Wollschlager said.

The company’s mission is to provide these services to its customers in a family-friendly way, the company’s web site, www.randyssanitation.com noted. It truly is a family business.

Husband and wife, Randy and Sandy Roskowiak, started the business in 1979 with one truck and a lot of ingenuity, the web site noted.

And it has grown to be the largest independent trash company in the state of Minnesota, consistently ranked in the top 50 waste- hauling companies in the nation, Wollschlager noted.

All six of Randy’s and Sandy’s children are involved in the business in some capacity, making it truly a family business.

Micheala, their youngest, watches over her parents while her older brothers help to watch over the day-to-day operation of Randy’s. All five of the boys have a job at Randy’s and enjoy contributing to the family business.

Bob, the oldest, is the route coordinator. Andy, next in line, is the commercial account supervisor. Nick is a truck body and paint refinisher. Ben is responsible for the building and grounds at the company’s three sites, and Chris works in the residential sales department.

This family-owned business seems to be keeping up with the times in providing all-inclusive waste collection and recycling services.

Most recently, the company added a recycling facility/transfer station at its building in Delano. Put simply, this facility condenses trash loads. With its recycling equipment, it processes the recyclables into bails.

Paper and cardboard are separated into three grades and bailed separately, Wollschlager explained. On the container line (glass, plastics, tin and aluminum), the plastics, tin, and aluminum are baled separately.

These bales are then marketed based on commodity and delivered either by Randy’s Sanitation or the purchaser of the bales, Wollschlager noted.

With the “go green” push to improve the quality of our environment, using recycled products seems to be on the rise. The clean, white recycled paper is used to remake paper; recycled plastics are used for carpeting, and the list goes on.

Randy’s Sanitation processes 1,000 tons of recycling a month. The recycling facility/transfer station employs eight full-time employees, and Randy’s Sanitation employs 135 total employees.

Organics recycling can now also be added to trash collection services at Randy’s Sanitation.

Materials such as grass, leaves, agricultural residues, or food scraps are considered organic. These products can be turned into compost that can be used in ways to benefit our environment too, Wollschlager said.

Organics common in household trash food scraps and food-soiled paper products make up approximately 25 percent of what we throw away. By participating in the organics recycling program, these products are composted, thereby reducing the waste that is brought to burn facilities or landfills, Wollschlager noted.

Currently, Randy’s Sanitation offers organic collection in the cities of Minnetonka, Orono, Wayzata, Loretto, and beginning Jan. 1, Medina.

The company also offers yard waste collection in most of its service areas.

There are federal regulations requiring document destruction of consumer information, and Randy’s Sanitation also offers its customers help with this – a secure shredding technology service – on-site or off-site.

The company can be contacted for onsite, mobile document shredding or have the alternative of offsite shredding by bringing the discarded information to the Delano facility. There, two state-of-the-art shredder trucks provide the destruction service while customers wait.

Providing all-inclusive waste collection and recycling services for its customers certainly seems to be a mission that Randy’s Sanitation is upholding and exceeding.