Jan. 29, 2007

A very relaxing place in Waverly

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

A new relaxation massage studio is open in Waverly, but owner Andrea Zitzloff of Waverly has been massaging tense muscles for 10 years.

Zitzloff graduated from the Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork in 1997.

“I started out working at salons, then I rented a room from a chiropractor, and then I opened a business from my home,” Zitzloff explained.

“The business got too busy to have at home. Once my clientele was built up, I decided to move the business to town,” she said.

The style of massage Zitzloff employs is derived from the “Esalen” technique.

“Esalen massage is long, flowing, definitive strokes that connect the body together in a tension-reducing, very relaxing fashion,” Zitzloff said.

“Some of the benefits of receiving massage are better circulation, balancing energy, muscle relaxation, and injury rehabilitation. Besides that, massage just feels wonderful,” she said.

“I just really believe in human touch. A five-minute back massage can make your whole day,” Zitzloff explained.

“Massage is so good for you, we just don’t take the time for ourselves. People, in general, just need a place where they can go and get away for awhile. I want to be that place,” she said.

Besides massage, Zitzloff performs pressure point therapy.

“I go to different pressure points, hold it for a couple seconds, and release. It brings new oxygen and blood to those areas, and is a good way to cleanse an area of concern,” she said.

Zitzloff keeps on hand a variety of essential oils. Clients can choose which oils they would like used on them based on the oil’s therapeutic properties.

“I always have tea simmering, and I always give clients a small bottle of water before they leave,” Zitzloff said.

Massage releases many toxins so it is important to flush the body with water afterwards, she noted.

“My passion is table massage. Most of my work is done on the table, but I also have chair massage. In fact, chair massage is available for businesses to treat their employees,” Zitzloff said.

Zitzloff will bring her massage chair to a business and work on employees for a set time and dollar amount.

The business is located at 331 Atlantic Avenue in Waverly. The phone number is (612)328-0884. Appointment times vary on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Limited hours are available on Fridays upon request.

The price is $50 for an hour massage, and $35 for a half-hour massage.

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