Feb. 26, 2007

Dassel Liquor Store has $1 million in sales in 2006

City council gives go-ahead to remodel new municipal liquor store for $105,000

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Marvin Vetsch, Dassel Liquor Store manager, was honored Tuesday with a plaque for reaching $1 million in sales for the municipal store.

Total reported sales for the store in 2006 were $1,008,874. The store had a gross profit margin of 23 percent on the gross sales, and a 4 percent increase in sales over 2006, according to the liquor store’s end of the year report Jan. 2.

Also, January sales were strong and 2007 sales targets indicate growth from 2006 levels, he said Feb. 5.

The city council also gave Vetsch the go-ahead on remodeling the former A+ Sports and Marine building into the new liquor store.

The west side of the building along Highway 12 will be the site of the liquor store. The east side will be leased, possibly to an exercise business. Negotiations are still underway, said City Administrator Myles McGrath.

The liquor store remodeling is expected to total approximately $105,000, which includes a 10 to 15 percent contingency fund.

Vetsch said the construction is budgeted the following ways: flooring, $12,000; cooler upgrade, $23,505; walls, $7,575; electrical service box, $6,000; paint, $3,300; shelves, $16,000; automatic door, $14,667; security cameras, $6,000; and direct process cash register and counter top, $2,000.

The east side of the building will be remodeled also. It is expected to cost $40,000, but approximately $33,000 will be paid by the leaseholder over time. The leasing business will have a separate entrance and its own bathrooms. The city intends to use the same contractor for both remodeling projects, McGrath said Feb. 12.

Dassel Fire Department

The council also agreed to use charitable gambling funds paid to the city to buy three plaques totaling $750 for retiring firefighters. The firefighters retiring are Mike Sylvester, Paul Opsahl and Dave Grochow, said Dassel Fire Chief Dale Grochow.

Also, the open house the fire department held last Monday generated three more applicants for the department.

In addition, the council approved two new members who completed their firefighting requirements in February. They are Mike Enerson and Justin Yaeger. The Rev. Keith Carlson of Evangelical Covenant Church was named chaplain, to replace the Rev. Ralph Erickson, who moved away.

The council gave Grochow permission to buy a water heater and furnace for the fire hall, not to exceed $5,000.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• hired Meeker County Attorney Stephanie L. Beckman to be Dassel’s prosecuting attorney for $100 per hour.

• secured the law firm, Couri, Macarthur & Ruppe of St. Michael, and attorney Kristen Carr of Albertville as the city attorney. This is the same law firm that represents Dassel Township. The relationship between the city and township is amicable, however, so this is not expected to be a problem, according to Council Member Bob Wilde.

The other firm which applied, Ratwick, Roszak & Maloney, RRM, of Minneapolis, was equally qualified, but farther away. The attorney who would have worked with Dassel, Joseph Langel, lives in Lakeville.

RRM is the same firm that employed Dassel’s former city attorney, Frank Kundrat. Kundrat became a district court judge in Stearns County, so is no longer available.

Carr’s rates will be the same as Kundrat’s were.

Dassel gets much legal advice that pertains to cities at no cost through the League of Minnesota Cities, McGrath said.

• renewed the city contract with Waste Management for 2007 with an increase of 2 percent, the first increase in three years. This works out to an increase of about 18 cents per month, depending on the size of the container, and 4 cents per month for recycling.

Pam Fleischacker, Waste Management municipal representative, said the trash from Dassel is hauled to Creekside in Hutchinson, and the recyclables are taken to Norwood, and then Minneapolis.

Fleischacker said she will check on the status of the trash-burning power plant proposed for Redwood Falls. Once it is online, the trash from Dassel will be hauled to the Meeker County Transfer Station.

• heard a report from Bill Ward, administrator of Dassel Lakeside Community Home, that because six beds were de-licensed, the resulting change in rate structure will give the nursing home an additional $57,000 a year.

Also, the nursing home is designating five beds for Medicare patients only.

To access past and present minutes of city council meetings, go to the web site ci.dassel.mn.us or contact the city at (320) 275-2454.

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