Jan. 29, 2007

Schrupp is honored with city employee of the year award

By Cullen Schultz
Staff Writer

Tim Schrupp was honored for his dedication and hard work for the city of Delano, by receiving the city’s employee of the year award for 2006.

Schrupp has worked for Delano’s Public Works Department since June 1998. In the last eight years, he has done everything from concrete work to plowing snow.

“We do pretty much everything,” Schrupp said.

Schrupp received the employee of the year award at the city holiday party, which took place at B’s on the River in Watertown recently.

The banquet started with introductions, followed by a social hour, dinner, then the presentation.

“It was nice to get to meet everyone else, like the lawyers and engineers – the people you don’t get to see every day,” Schrupp said.

Schrupp had no idea he was going to receive the award that night, until City Administrator Phil Kern announced the winner was in attendance, which was the first time the winner has been present at the event for some time.

“I was looking around to see who it could be, then he said eight years, and I knew,” Schrupp said.

The nomination process for the award starts with the employees, and ends with the city council and city administrator.

Each city employee gets to nominate someone who works for the city, then the nominations go to the council and the administrator, and they come to a conclusion on the winner.

“It is a great honor because I was nominated by my peers,” Schrupp said

Although this was Schrupp’s first individual Employee of the Year Award, he was also a part of the public works department that won it in 2002.

That was the year of the flooding in Delano, and the crew that worked on the flooding problem was honored by being named the 2002 City Employee of the Year.

Their efforts stopped significant flooding, as well as saved the 4th of July festivities, it was noted.

“The 4th of July stuff went on, but it was wet,” Schrupp said with a smile.

Getting to know employee of the year Tim Schrupp

Schrupp was raised in Watertown, and went to college at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.

While he was there, he excelled in athletics – primarily football and wrestling, and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in health and fitness.

After graduation, Schrupp moved to Delano in 1993, and soon met his wife to be, Holly. They have been married for 10 years, and have two sons, Cody and Caden.

After college, Schrupp did various jobs, including landscaping, driving a dump truck, and working at the Stock Lumber Yard in Delano, before it relocated to Montrose.

“It moved and I wanted to stay in town,” Schrupp said.

Then, in 1998, Schrupp joined the public works department, because of the location and the benefits the job provided.

“Everyone seems to want a state or city job,” Schrupp said.

Schrupp has been a dedicated worker for the department for eight years, and just this month, received a promotion to street and utility foreman, giving him greater responsibilities.

“I am responsible for keeping the streets clean and the street and utility department moving,” Schrupp said.

With the promotion, Schrupp is now in charge of checking for pot- holes, road sign repair, tree trimming, landscaping, and street cleanup, especially now with snow.

“Looking into what needs to be fixed,” Schrupp added.

As of now, his greatest responsibilities are to answer phones, keep the employees busy, make recommendations on equipment and safety, as well as make decisions on when to plow.

“This is a big learning process for me. I want to thank the guys I work with, they made it an easier transition for me,” Schrupp said.

Previous employee of the year winners include the public works department in 2002, LeAnn Zimmerman in 2003, Paula Dressel (Bauman) in 2004, and Steven Richardson in 2005.

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