Feb. 12, 2007

In loving memory of Ms. Schwandt

Gail Schwandt
Dec. 3, 1952 – Feb. 1, 2007
Sadly missed by her students.

By Lynda Jensen

The following are items written by middle school students of Gail Schwandt, a Dassel-Cokato school teacher who died unexpectedly in a car accident Feb. 1.

The age range of students is from sixth grade through eighth grade.

• You are a great teacher. We need to remember all the good things that happened.

I am happy because I know you are up there staring down at us.

We will see you soon and never say goodbye because it’s not bye, it’s see you later.

Save me a seat at the table (I like the left side). Talk to you later.

• You didn’t die, you just moved.

You are, were, always will be, the best teacher ever.

• She was one of my favorite teachers. She was one of the nicest teachers I have ever known. She will be dearly missed.

• Ms. S. – I hope you like your new home. Please teach my grandma how to sew. She gets cold sometimes.

• We will always miss Ms. Schwandt. She was always very fun to be around. She will be a big loss to our school. I will never forget her kind, loving heart.

I wished I was just in a horrible dream and I would wake up. We will miss her and it will be hard to forget that smile of hers. I was in shock when I heard that horrible news. We will always miss you Ms. Schwandt.

• There was this one day when I said I saw Grease. She made the whole class laugh and smile.

She was the nicest teacher I had. She complimented me on my pillow case. I was so excited for her to teach me how to cook. My mom always says “you need to learn how to cook,” so I said, “Ms. Schwandt will teach me in sixth grade.” She said “OK.”

• She didn’t ever yell. She was always smiling.

• She was the best teacher – the nicest teacher, ever.

• Ms. Schwandt was a very nice teacher in FACS and she was a very great Power Hour teacher. We all loved her.

She will be missed by many kids, including me and staff. She would always be there for us. Ms. Schwandt will always stay in our hearts. We all miss her.

• Ms. Schwandt was a great person and a loving teacher. She will be missed by us all. We shall keep her and her family in our prayers.

• We will miss you Ms. Schwandt. You will be in our hearts and minds forever and for life.

• Ms. Schwandt was very nice and kind. I will always remember her smile and her laugh. She helped me a lot on my pillow case. I will miss her very much. Whenever I walk by her room, I will think of her. I will remember a lot of memories of her. I’ll miss you.

• Miss Schwandt was my favorite teacher so far this year. She was awesome, and a wonderful teacher.

I know many people hurt by this tragedy. Many will not forget her including me and a lot of my friends. I am a sixth grade student in her fourth hour. She is definitely “dearly beloved.”

She taught me how to sew. We made pillow cases.

Ms. Schwandt was a wonderful teacher. She was always nice to me and explained stuff that I didn’t get.

When we were done sewing for the day, she would let us play games. Which was really fun. I will always remember her smile and laugh.

When I look at my pillow case, I will always remember her. I have very good memories with her that I will never forget.

• She always stood up for what was right and never let you down. She was always good to everyone and loved kids very much. She was a good, nice and respectful teacher. She was the best FACS teacher, ever.

• Mrs. Schwandt was a fun teacher and she was my favorite teacher so far this year. She was wonderful, and good at sewing and making pillow cases. We will miss her so much.

• Ms. Schwandt was a wonderful teacher and I miss her. It was fun when she was here with our class.

Ms. Schwandt just wasn’t a normal teacher.

She taught us for life sewing, cooking, etc. And it wasn’t just that she would say little things teaching us something.

From this day and on everyone will remember Ms. Schwandt. Our FACS class got to do pillow cases. It will be a great remembrance of her.

She taught many kids how to sew and how to use a sewing machine. So many kids will miss her. Nobody could ever take the place of her.

She always had a delighted and touching smile on her face. She was never mad with things.

• Ms. Schwandt was a great teacher. She always had a smile on her face. She will never be forgotten.

I always looked forward to her class, but now it will never be the same without the very well missed Ms. Schwandt.

She made FACS fun and learning fun. She will be remembered and very missed. There is no other person that could ever fill in for Ms. Schwandt. I will miss her very much. She will be remembered.

• I will always remember how she was so nice and made us all SMILE. She was a great teacher. We will all miss her so much.

• Ms. Schwandt was a very kind and caring person. Everyone loved her warm smile and she shared so much fun and laughter.

It is just so sad that we didn’t get to spend our 12 weeks with you. We were only halfway through.

It’s just too sad that this tragic accident had to be with Gail Schwandt and Adam Jankila. It‘s just too bad.

We will miss her a lot! It was just so frightening when we all got the news. Dassel Cokato will miss you!

• It only took a day to like Ms. Schwandt. She was a great teacher, but an even greater person. She was always in a good mood. Some people couldn’t see how nice and great she was, but I could see all 1,000,000,000% of it.

Every time I talked to her, I enjoyed it. Because of her, I was a little happyer every day. Thank you Ms. Schwandt and goodbye.

• I gave her my greatest respect and now . . . she’s gone. There are more than few out there who trusted her. There were hundreds.

• Ms. Schwandt was the most important person at DCMS and HS. She was the teacher of FACS. And she taught it well. This year, the first rotation I had was with her. Looking back, I used to go crazy because people used to call her bossy.

But she wasn’t. Everyday, she put up with misbehaving, arrogance and harshness because she loved us.

She did her job, and we learned. We learned some very useful skills like cooking and sewing. We should remember and honor her.

Today shouldn’t be a day of crying. It should be a day of rejoicing. She’s in a world that’s not screwed up.

There’s a song that the first verse goes like this “Sent away for a priceless gift. One not suddle (subtle), one not on the list. Sent away for a perfect world. One not simply so absurd.”

• She made good food, and was nice. If we asked if we could have a food, she would bring it, and helped everyone. If you got in trouble in her class, she would still let you eat what the class made. She always had a project for you.

• I will miss her. I think that she was a great teacher. She taught kids well.

• I didn’t have the chance to have her this year, but last year, when I did, I really enjoyed the rotation with her.

She never got mad. She never yelled at people, and she was perfect for the job!

Ms. Schwandt was a great cook. If you didn’t understand the cooking recipe, she would come over and help you along. I was looking forward to having her this year.

• She was one of my favorite teachers. She welcome me into her room each day. She welcomed anyone who wanted to learn. She will never be forgotten.

• Ms. Schwandt was the greatest person in the school We had a really strong bond. I would help her when I was in her class. Some people even called me her teacher’s pet, but I din’t care because I liked to help. She would even ask me to stay after school with her, and we talked and worked.

My top favorite thing abut her is that she knew what I was going through. I could just open up to her. This year my locker was right next to her room. So she said “Hi.”

It is really hard to know that she is gone now, because it feels like part of me is gone with her. But I will always remember Ms. Schwandt.

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