June 11, 2007

Delano council votes to change name of portion of Second St. SW

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Despite objections from people who will be affected, the Delano City Council voted in a split vote Tuesday to change the name of a small portion of Second Street SW to Meadow Rose Court.

Four residents who live on what was Second Street SW, north of Lyle Avenue, voiced objections to having the street name changed.

Delano Public Safety Director and Fire Chief Bob Van Lith explained there are two areas in the city that have the same street name, and both have 400 numbers for addressing. In order to allow for emergency personnel to find the houses in a timely manner, and also to keep consistent with the addressing system, Van Lith proposed the change to the council.

The affected area in West Ridge Hills should have actually been numbered with 900s, if the street was going to continue to be Second Street SW.

The second area is in Clover Springs, with address numbers on Second Street SW also in the 400s.

“This is where the 400 area should be,” Van Lith said. He and the public safety committee met with some of the residents who would have been affected at a meeting April 23. Van Lith said three residents came to the meeting, and two called him.

One option was to leave the numbers alone, but change the street name. This would allow residents who have decorative rock with their house number etched in to be able to save them.

Randy Derwick, who is one of the residents affected by the change, said he envisions troubles with electronic mapping programs, and companies who deliver packages having issues finding the new address.

He said that, while he appreciates the city looking out for the residents in the form of public safety, ultimately the neighbors do not want the address change to happen. Derwick presented a letter to the council, signed by eight of the nine affected homeowners, in opposition to changing the addresses. A number of things needing to be changed, including credit cards, newspapers, driver’s license, among others, was also told to the council.

Following discussion, Van Lith said it is vital the change be made, for safety reasons. He said there are about four more areas in Delano that are addressed incorrectly, and said he is taking one area at a time to try to fix the problem.

The council voted to approve changing the street name, but keeping the numbers as they presently are, with Council Member Marc Plese opposing the motion. It was noted that affected residents will be able to use both addresses for one year.

After asking each resident who spoke if they felt the change should be made, Council Member Larry Bartels apologized to those affected, but said ultimately it’s the right thing to do.

Council Member Brad Hotchkiss encouraged Van Lith and city staff to make sure situations like this do not come up in the future with addressing.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• approved a training burn for the fire department at 228 Babcock Boulevard West at a date to be determined.

• approved the public facilities lease, 3.2 beer, and other licenses for the Delano Fourth of July Celebration Committee for use of Central Park for the annual celebration, running from Friday, June 29 to Thursday, July 5.

The council also agreed to purchase trash bags to be used for the annual festival.

• affirmed the public facilities lease of the Central Park gazebo for a concert in the park benefit for Delano’s Relay for Life June 4. The council also approved a public facilities lease for use of Central Park to the Pair-A-Dice Cruisers for an event Saturday, Aug. 11.

• approved the replacement of carpet in an apartment in the Crow River Villa in the amount of $1,171.

• granted a one-year extension to the filing of the final plat for Clover Springs Fourth Addition, at the request of the developer.

The council also approved an amendment to the Parkview Hills Third Addition development agreement.

• approved a step increase for public works employee Tim Matter.

• authorized the purchase of a ditch mower, a one-ton truck and lift box, and a crack sealing kettle.

• executed a quitclaim deed to Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) for two small strips of land from properties located at 130 Babcock Boulevard (former Scherer Car Wash), and 228 Babcock Boulevard (former Grengs property).

• approved a sublease agreement for the Rivertown Commercial Building. The Bead Cellar owner Jamie Pogue’s family is relocating from the area, and is unable to fulfill terms of the lease.

Pogue has entered into a sublease with Kim Niska to take over the remaining lease. Niska will operate a business similar to Pogue’s.

• entered into closed session to discuss reducing the sales price for property the city owns at 102 Maple Ridge Drive, as well as the acquisition of downtown property.

In a workshop prior to the council meeting, the council:

• discussed its liquor ordinance, and reviewed a request from Gina Coburn of Three Crows on River Street to sell microbrews and imports.

The city presently has several liquor license levels – a full license costs $5,000, a strong beer/wine license costs $2,500, and a 3.2/wine license costs $300.

Coburn is asking the council to consider reducing the fee, as her business is almost entirely dining and restaurant. Council members directed city staff to prepare a resolution, and will discuss it further at a city council meeting Tuesday, June 19.

• tabled discussion of a request from the Delano Area Chamber of Commerce to conduct its meetings at the Delano City Hall.

• reviewed a request for a storage building project for residents of Crow River Villa to use. Council members directed staff to make some changes to the plans, and present them Tuesday, June 19.

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