Partners sought in quest for portable sound system for LP community events

December 3, 2007

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

Anyone who has struggled to hear a speaker at a community event over the crackle and hiss of a system that is cumbersome and not quite up to the job will understand why one Lester Prairie resident is on a mission to get a new portable sound system for Lester Prairie.

Chris Schultz envisions a portable system that would provide good sound quality, be convenient and easy to use, and able to be used by all community organizations.

Schultz said the current sound system is a combination of mixed, matched, and borrowed pieces.

“People have been complaining about it for a couple of years. It is time to do something about it,” Schultz said.

He is looking for partners and people who would be willing to help raise funds to purchase the system.

He encourages anyone who has questions or comments to call him at (320) 395-2184.

The system could be owned by the school, the city, or any of the non-profit organizations, but the key, Schultz said, is that it could be used by all community groups.

The system could be used for events such as:

• Memorial Day program,

• Prairie Days,

• National Night Out,

• Legion Baseball,

• football games,

• school events,

• the American Legion,

• the Lester Prairie Lions,

• city events,

• Music in the Park.

“We need a decent system that would be easy to use, and would have wireless microphones and speakers,” Schultz said.

He added that a system that does not use cords for microphones or speakers would be easy to transport and set up.

Schultz said a system that would serve the community’s needs would cost $3,500 to $5,000.