May 28, 2007

A 'wild' ride at Thirsty's

Big-city comedy comes to Dassel with Wild Bill Bauer Sat. June 16

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Dysfunctional families will be the focus of jokes told by Wild Bill Bauer during his two-hour show at Thirsty’s Tavern in Dassel, Saturday, June 16.

“You will recognize your own family,” Bauer said, “no matter how normal they are.”

Bauer, 56, says part of what makes him funny how he was brought up. He has a brother who is a priest, a sister as a nun, another sister who teaches at a Catholic school, and two brothers who are lawyers.

His life experience have also made Bauer see life in a different color including working intelligence in Vietnam, having worked as a paramedic, along with quitting drinking 23 years ago. Bauer calls it a “Jaundiced view of life.”

Bauer has made a career out of observing and relating to real-life experiences, he said.

“He has a very impressive resume,” said Thirsty’s owner Connie Walters. “I can’t believe he is coming to Dassel.”

Bauer has made several television appearances including Roseanne, An Evening at the Improv, Best of Comedy on the Road, and more.

He has worked shows with Louie Anderson, Dave Chappelle, and Tom Arnold.

Bauer also has his own radio talk show, The Bob and Tom Radio Show.

Recently, Bauer was on-air with WCCO’s Dan Greiger, who will be opening for Bauer at Thirsty’s, where they spoke of Dassel and the local tavern.

“People were calling from Litchfield and Hutchinson wanting to know where Thirsty’s is,” Bauer said.

Bauer explains the show is bound to be edgy, but will not include profanity, he said.

“People want to be entertained but they don’t want to be offended,” he said.

For some time now, Walters has been looking for a different type of entertainment to the community other than music, she said.

One part of his dysfunctional family routine will include a story about his 87-year-old aunt who still can’t manage her own money.

“She declared bankruptcy and won’t be able to purchase another home until she is 93,” Bauer said.

When asked who his favorite comedian is, he replied, “Louie Anderson 20 years ago when he was working every night.”

Some other favorites of his include Rodney Dangerfield, Jerry Seinfeld , and Dave Chappelle.

As for his upcoming show at Thirsty’s, “I have every confidence that it will go well,” he said.

“It’s a night out that is affordable and half the price of what it would be in the Cities,” he said. “And in an extremely intimate venue.”

Admission to the event is by ticket only. Call Thirsty’s Tavern for advanced sales. Tickets are $10 by calling (320) 275-2751. The show will kick-off at 7 p.m., Saturday, June 16. Learn more about Bauer at www.wildbillbauer.com.

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