Area townships to accept filings for supervisor, clerk soon

December 10, 2007

By Lynda Jensen

Most area townships will be looking for applicants to file for clerk and supervisor positions in about three weeks, as the filing period opens for spring elections Tuesday, Jan. 2.

Townships in the area conduct elections in the spring, except for Kingston and Darwin, which have even-year elections now. Kingston won’t offer an election again until November 2010, reported Clerk Gail Schiefelbein.

In Stockholm Township, two positions are up, the clerk position served by Amanda Zeidler and supervisor position served by Paul Yates. Yates is serving the rest of John Lind’s position after he resigned.

Cokato Township also features two spots, the clerk position served by Dan Siltala and a supervisor position served by Dan Bravinder.

French Lake will have its clerk position open, served by Rosanne Peterson, and a supervisor position served by Mike Granquist.

Dassel Township will have the clerk position open, served by Karin Colberg and a supervisor position open, served by Orville Anderson.

Ellsworth Township has its clerk position open, served by Tom Carlson and a supervisor position open, served by Roger Werner.

Collinwood Township has the clerk position open, which is served by Larry Ostlund, and a supervisor position open, served by Randy Holm.

Two townships, Kingston and Darwin, both feature elections in the fall of 2008.

The supervisor positions are three-year terms and the treasurer positions are two-year terms in each township.

The filing period for all townships is open Tuesday, Jan. 2 and will close at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15. To file, contact the respective township clerk.

Township elections will be conducted Tuesday, March 12.

Interested in filing?

To file for either a clerk or supervisor position, contact your respective township clerk.

Cokato Township
The township clerk is Dan Siltala 286-2309.

French Lake Township
Township clerk is Rosanne Peterson (320) 286-6163.

Stockholm Township
Township clerk is Amanda Zeidler (320) 286-2285.

Collinwood Township
Township clerk is Larry Ostlund, (320) 286-2393.

Darwin Township
Clerk is Hildur Carlson (320) 275-3360.

Dassel Township
Township clerk is Karin Colberg (320) 275-3779.

Kingston Township
Township clerk is Gail Schiefelbein (320) 398-8400.

Ellsworth Township
Township clerk is Tom Carlson (320) 275-3647.