March 5, 2007

Vet clinic opens in Waverly

Associated Veterinary Clinic of Cokato, opens another office in Waverly

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Cokato veterinarian Jim Kirkpatrick has expanded further down Highway 12 with a new office in Waverly.

When Kirkpatrick first opened his clinic in Cokato, in 1989, he chose the name, Associated Veterinary Clinic, with the idea of later opening a clinic in another town.

After recognizing a need for a small animal veterinary clinic in the Waverly/Montrose area, he decided this was the right time.

“He’s asked several times, and finally I said ‘go ahead’,” said wife Wynnell”

The new Waverly/Montrose clinic is located on Highway 12 in Waverly and will be open opposite hours with Cokato. They are renting the building from Hirsch Builders.

“This is a perfect location with the visibility along Highway 12,” Wynnell said.

Kirkpatrick will spend the first half of the day in Waverly, from 9 a.m. to noon, and in Cokato from 2 to 5:30 p.m.

He will conduct surgeries in Cokato Tuesdays and Fridays, and in Waverly on Wednesdays.

Considering the small distance between the two towns, “It’s not too far that [patients] can’t utilize both offices in case of emergency,” he said.

The office in Waverly is a newer building than the office building in Cokato, so his employees call Waverly, “The pretty office and Cokato the ugly office,” he said, explaining it’s more up-to-date.

Kirkpatrick has been practicing for 34 years and is a University of Minnesota graduate.

What he enjoys most about being a veterinarian is having the ability to help someone’s pet heal.

“People depend on pets for so much happiness and I love seeing the joy on their faces,” he said.

In the logo for the Associated Veterinary Clinic is a string of animals, from big to small, with the largest being an elephant.

Kirkpatrick is still waiting for his first elephant, “A baby one, preferably,” he said.

Currently, he employs his wife, Wynnell, as a veterinary technician, and Cheryl Ortquist as assistant and bookkeeper. They both will be splitting their time with the two locations. His daughter, Kezia, will be joining them in the summer.

“We have the kids for back-up,” Wynnell said and explained they will be hiring a third for the new location.

Kirkpatrick explained that when he first began his practice in Cokato in 1989, small and large animals were 50/50 in number when it came to veterinary service.

Now, large animal number have gone down making small animals 99 percent of his business.

There are several reasons large animal numbers, especially cows, have gone down including the price of milk and the cost of production.

Call Jim Kirkpatrick at Associated Veterinary Clinic at (763) 658-2106 to make an appointment at the Waverly office.

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