May 7, 2007

Delano council approves proposal to help veterans in need

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Applause by several in attendance at Tuesday’s Delano City Council meeting came after the council adopted an ordinance relating to veterans’ preference.

Several meetings ago, Darrin Orr appeared before the council to suggest the city look into an ordinance allowing building permit fees to be waived in the event a veteran needs to make modifications to his home as the result of a disability sustained during active duty.

Orr said all permit fees that would be required to make the modifications would be waived by the city, including inspections, building permits, and any other costs associated with it.

There are seven requirements Orr outlined, including soldiers must have been in active duty, the modifications would be directly related to future long-term needs, be for private residential homes, and would exclude all dishonorable discharges.

Orr said that if there is a need in the community, he is confident a benefit fundraiser would be set up to help with the purchase of lumber and other supplies, but said this would be a way of the city showing its support.

“I would like to see that Delano steps up,” Orr said when he originally presented the idea to the council. “This proposal would show the country that we care. Hopefully, with the lead of Delano, we can get the rest of the state to follow.”

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• authorized the purchase of a new cash register system and server for the municipal liquor store for $14,449 from Total Register Systems.

• approved a step increase for motor vehicle assistant Sarah Lindahl.

• approved two pay requests for transportation improvements to Rockford Avenue and Ninth Street.

• pulled from its consent agenda approval of a 3.2 beer license for Delano Athletic to sell beer at the grandstand of Central Park at the request of resident Harlan Lewis.

After a brief discussion, the council approved the request, pending submission of required information such as insurance and game dates.

• reminded residents to be concerned about the amount of litter in town, and to help keep the town clean.

“Do your part to continue to keep our town a great place to live,” commented Mayor Joe McDonald.

• tabled a presentation of a plaque to Lucille Ludescher for her involvement with the city’s historic preservation committee.

• discussed a “quiet zone” designation for the Ninth Street railroad crossing.

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