Jan. 8, 2007

Darwin experiencing low voltage

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

The City of Darwin is experiencing low voltage coming into town and the city council hopes to soon resolve this matter with Litchfield Public Utilities (LPU).

LPU has been aware of the problem since July, according to the council, yet has done nothing to correct the problem.

The standard voltage is 120 volts, only 117 volts are currently coming into Darwin.

“We don’t even have the standard coming into town,” said Carmen Buhr, Darwin city clerk.

The minimum voltage for a home is 118 volts, but there is only 114 to 115 volts available per household.

The problem seems to lay in the distance and wire size, according to the council, after receiving an inspection by Pete Malamen from CEG Engineers.

The council approved a letter written by Buhr to LPU explaining the problem and the lack of response from the utilities company.

“We need more attention paid to us, and not be ignored,” said Darwin Mayor Orlan Cervin.

The council has been trying to work with LPU, but are finding them uncooperative, and is hoping the letter will give the council some answers and action, according to Buhr.

Turning to other subjects, the council is looking into improving its waste water treatment facility just south of town, including the edges, or rip rap, of the pond which consists of rocks and gravel.

Buhr had spoken with Rep. Dean Urdahl about bond money for the project. Urdahl, who is on the bonding committee, will reply to the council in the near future, according to Buhr.

The council also gave permission to public works to purchase “no trespassing” signs for the waste water plant, for legality reasons.

The council approved the use of three mature CDs for the payment of new sewer and water north of town, for a total of $115,000.

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