‘It’s all about our team’

December 31, 2007

After only 11 days, new branch manager Laurie Nelson loves her job

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Ever since Laurie Nelson and her husband, Ryan, moved out to Dassel from the big city 17 years ago, she has dreamt of working in town.

Now, her dream has come true as she recently became the new branch manager for Wells Fargo in Dassel.

Prior to Laurie, Ben Beckman was the branch manager. He will soon be a loan officer at the new Farmers State Bank in Dassel.

After only 11 days on the job, Nelson already feels she has the best job in the world.

Having worked at Litchfield’s Wells Fargo for five years as a personal banker, Nelson is now doing it all.

As a branch manager, she can still keep some of the same duties she had as a personal banker while taking on more responsibilities like hiring, training, and keeping track of the profits and losses, Nelson said.

Even more important to Nelson is believing in what she does.

Nelson understands that although people don’t do everything perfect, they need to believe in what they do.

With the new Farmers State Bank coming to town, people have asked Nelson if she is concerned with the competition.

She doesn’t see it as competition. Instead, Nelson thinks of it as another option for the people of Dassel, Nelson said.

“It gives Dassel a choice,” she said.

“I think it’s a good thing. If there is something we can’t help them with, maybe they can,” Nelson said.

Although Nelson enjoyed working in Litchfield and was part of a “great team” there, the people she now works with “are just as great,” she said.

For as much time as a person spends at work, they need to like who they work with, Nelson said.

“It’s all about our team – working together to make [the branch] successful,” she said.

Nelson said everyone at the bank likes their job at Wells Fargo Dassel.

“You really have to enjoy what you are doing to make life worthwhile,” she said.

“I’m happy I made the change,” she said.

Nelson grew up in Redwood Falls, and she met her husband, Ryan, at college. He is a Dassel native and the son of Warren and Joan.

Together, Ryan and Laurie have an 8-year-old son, Jake, who attends Dassel Elementary.

Some may confuse Nelson with her twin sister, Lynn Hasty, who is a secretary at the Dassel-Cokato High School.

After both of their parents died at a young age, which was hard for Nelson and her three sisters, Lynn decided she wanted to move to Dassel to be closer to her twin.

“You don’t realize how much your parents pull the family together until they are gone,” Nelson said.

Lynn and her husband, Rich, decided that life was too short and the two sisters children should grow up together.

So, the Hastys put their house up for sale in order to move to Dassel.

“The house sold within a month, so it’s almost like it was meant to be,” Nelson said.

Nelson enjoys living and working in the small community of Dassel.

“People are so friendly out here,” she said.

The family lives in the country and she likes that, especially having family nearby, Nelson said.

Having lived in the city for several years prior to the move, Nelson enjoys the quieter way of life she finds in Dassel, especially for raising a family.

“At this time in my life, maybe things are finally falling into place,” Nelson said.