Somber Waverly council remembers Bob Winters

December 17, 2007

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

Waverly’s city council meeting opened on a somber note Tuesday as the sudden passing of Bob Winters was announced.

Winters, 53, of Waverly was said to have been taking a nap when he unexpectedly passed away Sunday, Dec. 9. He was an active community member, served on the city’s Economic Development Authority, and was the president of Waverly’s planning and zoning committee.

A moment of silence was had to remember Winters.

Later, during John Konrath’s EDA report, Konrath began by saying, “Bob was on the EDA ever since I came on board. I’m still kind of in shock, as I’m sure a lot of people are. He was a very reliable and dependable person in my eyes, and I’m sure going to miss him. He was a good man.”

During the “requests from the public” part of the meeting, about six residents who live on the same street as the new All American Grill & Brewhouse voiced concerns about parking and nuisance lighting.

Because the entrance to the restaurant is on Summerfield Drive and a large number of people have been frequenting the new establishment, especially on weekend nights, customers and employees have been parking on both sides of the street, leaving no parking for residents or residents’ visitors except for their driveways.

Summerfield Drive is not wide enough to have cars parked on both sides and support two lanes of traffic, which has made entering and exiting the road a safety issue.

Those residing on Summerfield Drive say that people are continually pulling in and out of their driveways, dumping out beer cans onto their driveways, and creating unsafe conditions for their children to be able to play in their front yards.

The council decided it would post “No parking this side of street,” on the east side of Summerfield Drive. It also decided to talk to the owner of the restaurant about the issue.

Bright security lighting that the establishment uses was also a concern for area residents.

Some residents of Summerfield Drive said it is like living next to a ballfield and that even with the curtains closed, the light intrudes brightly into their houses.

Again, council decided to talk to the restaurant’s owner and ask if the lights could be directed down more and if lower-wattage bulbs could be substituted.

Maintenance Supervisor John Rassat said, “The good news is, he’s got a good business.”

Levy adopted for 2008

Council approved the final levy for property taxes to be collected in 2008 as $800,414, which is a 37 percent increase from the 2006 property tax levy.

However, the levy increase was 45 percent in 2006, which means this year’s levy increase is 8 percent less than last year’s increase.

The council has established the need to raise taxes now to make up for the years of minimal levy increases.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• heard that several developers had requested a letter of credit reduction to free up funds during this housing slow-down or because work had been completed. The council approved three letters of credit reduction.

• approved a pay application for the 2007 seal coat project in the amount of $21,135 to Pierson Brothers.

The work was done for $1,800 less than the original bid, according to City Engineer Barry Glienke.

• tabled discussion about where future crosswalks should be considered in town.

• approved the 2008 membership fee for the Montrose Waverly Chamber in the amount of $75.

Waverly Fire Dept. seeks new members

Fire department member Keith Harris mentioned that the department is looking for more members. Currently, the department has about 15 members.

To obtain an application, individuals may call or stop by Mark’s Service Station (763) 658-4662, or call Doug Ault at (763) 658-4772.

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