See, Mom, we aren’t so bad

August 18, 2008

by Jen Bakken

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a lazy day at home, cuddling on the couch with the kids.

As creatures of habit, we tend to watch the same TV shows – the ones we know, the ones we like.

During American Idol, my children couldn’t wait to see who would put on the best performance, predict who would be voted off, or what Simon would say next.

Extreme Home Makeover – Home Edition, helps bring us to the realization that we don’t have it quite so bad. The host, Ty, and his crazy screaming through the megaphone makes us laugh. At the end of the show when the deserving family witnesses their new home for the first time, we shed tears of joy right along with them.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe is interesting and fun at the same time. Rowe with his witty ways and impeccable timing is a favorite of mine. My children are constantly teasing me that I have a crush on him.

“You think he’s cute, don’t you Mom? That’s so gross!” They will say with a giggle.

Sorry, kids, your mommy does have a crush – I can’t deny it. I have a thing for voices and a good sense of humor. Anyone have a dirty job we can suggest to the Discovery Channel to bring Rowe to Delano? (Only kidding, well kind of.)

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is another show we watch, and suddenly our life seems extremely quiet and lacking in chaos. It’s funny to me that my 11-year-old son really enjoys this show, as it’s not a typical choice for a boy his age.

I’ve always loved children, enjoyed working with them, and to me, the best sound in the world is a child’s laughter. I suppose some could consider this my talent – my knack with children, and I believe this has been passed down to my middle son.

Though he has always wanted to “be on stage,” whether it be through acting or singing, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he worked with children.

Last year on the morning of the first day of school, he saw a little boy crying in the hallway. Rather than keep walking like all the other kids who were nervous or excited about a new teacher and new class, he went up to the boy and asked what was wrong. The little guy couldn’t remember where his classroom was, and my son took him there.

Another show often found on our TV is Little People, Big World. Watching the everyday lives of the Roloff family, while witnessing the struggles and successes of a family with little, as well as average sized, people is uplifting.

America’s Funniest Home Video’s is sure to have us nearly rolling on the floor in laughter. The videos make listening to the host’s dumb jokes worthwhile.

Of course, there are all the shows like Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, ICarly, and Drake and Josh that I find myself watching far too often, but they are cute. Not sure if I should admit that?

I’ve even sat through The Naked Brothers Band TV show, though it drives me insane. The name bothers me, and the acting is absolutely horrible, but my eight-year-old daughter sure doesn’t think so.

With two boys, sports center and sporting events are obvious favorites. Unless it involves hockey, I pretty much just leave the room with my daughter right behind me.

Recently, the nanny shows have entered our occasional lazy day with the tube. (I know this column makes it seems like all we are is a group of couch potatoes – honestly we aren’t, I swear.)

Whether it be Nanny 911 or Super Nanny, we can’t help but be shocked at the out-of-control state these families are in.

The other day while watching a family in complete pandemonium, my kids looked at me and, in unison, declared, “See Mom, we aren’t so bad!”