All in a mommy’s purse

September 15, 2008

by Jen Bakken

Recently while I was out for an evening with some girlfriends, I was somewhat embarrassed by the contents of my purse.

Usually you have your typical items such as a wallet, keys, or cell phone, but sometimes one can be surprised by the items in a mother’s purse.

When I reached into my handbag for lipgloss, I pulled out a bright fushia marker. Luckily, I realized the mistake before applying the obnoxious pink to my lips.

Also inside were three more markers of various colors and a small note pad. I don’t remember putting them in my purse, but my children seem to think mom’s purse is a free-for-all drop off zone.

Next I found a little Bart Simpson guy on a skateboard and one of those clear plastic containers, with a red lid, I assume from a prize vending machine.

Even further digging revealed a green mushy fruitsnack, shaped like a bear, stuck to the bottom of my purse. I couldn’t remember the last time my kids had fruit snacks so this proves two things – the green bear had been there for quite some time, and it’s time to get a new purse.

Turning the handbag upside down (to try and dislodge the furry fruitsnack without touching it) sent a red super ball bouncing across the room.

A used cartoon character Band-Aid reminded me that last week, when my daughter’s Band-Aid fell off her finger, rather than finding a garbage can, she just threw it in my purse.

And, a crinkled up wrapper proved we recently accepted our free cookie while shopping at Coborn’s.

Years ago, there may have also been a pacifier (because one always made sure to have a spare for that colicky infant) or a tube of baby Oragel for those last minute teething nightmares.

Of course, I think all of us moms have had those colorful plastic keys in our purses at one time or another.

It’s funny. One can tell if a woman is a mother by what is hiding in the pockets of her purse. In fact, one can probably even find out how old those children are.

If one finds Cheerios or Teddy Grahams in a tiny Tupperware container, or notices the purse smells like spilled juice, chances are there’s a little one usually attached to that mommy’s hips.

Matchbox cars, action figures, and superballs would lead one to believe there’s an active little boy tagging around with that mommy.

Ponytail holders, doll clothes, or anything pink would give the hint that this mommy has a little princess living in her castle.

If one sees a woman at the store who pulls out a checkbook covered in a rainbow of Crayola splendor- chances are she has a tiny little artist at home.

And one can tell a mom’s children are getting older by finding Game Boy cartridges or a few forgotten permission slips among the contents of her purse.

However, there may be one universal item that all of us moms carry in our purse – because we need to, no matter how old our children are – extra strength pain reliever.