Poor planning for local roadwork

April 21, 2008

by Jennifer Gallus

I’m still perplexed as to how the state and its planners managed to get the approval to tear up both Highway 12 in Delano and Highway 7 from Silver Lake to St. Boni during the same year.

These are the two main thoroughfares for people like us out here in the west metro to the Twin Cities.

The Highway 7 detour is somewhat doable for a person who lives in my general vicinity because we will likely take the scenic route through Watertown to St. Boni. It will add some time, but not as much as people who will need to take the actual 12 mile Highway 7 detour south of the highway.

That particular route would bring my blood pressure up if I were to have to drive that stretch regularly, and I’m a fairly laid back individual.

The detour through Delano is not as bad as Highway 7’s, but is still probably causing heart problems for regularly affected individuals.

What happened to the days when just one side of the road was closed while the other side was being improved? Maybe there were too many accidents to both motorists and road workers. I suppose it’s just safer all around to close the section altogether.

In Delano’s case, the bridge is being rebuilt, and there’s no way to only close half of that!

The two different stretches of road are governed by two different MnDot districts that work independently of each other, and supposedly don’t keep an eye on what each other is doing.

So, the rumor is that the two districts didn’t know that they’d be working on similar arteries to the metro area at the same time. That lack of coordination at the state level is ridiculous.

Rumor is rumor, and to pin down an answer from such a large agency isn’t easy. Maybe they knew, maybe they didn’t, but in either case, they should’ve known, and they should’ve staggered the project dates.


My 7-year-old just got two lizards for pets. We told him that they live about three years when properly cared for. He asked how long that was, so we told him that they could live until he was about 10 years old.

Later, he was telling my mom about his lizards and told her, “They live until their kid owner is 10 years old.”