Spring is back

April 28, 2008

by Jenni Sebora


Just saying the word evokes feelings of life, light, energy and growth.

We await the many wonderments the spring brings us. Seeing the first robin return; the color transformation of the grass from the “sleeping winter cover” to the “awakening beautiful color of green” that provides the back drop for the rest of the miracles of rebirth; the tiny buds on the trees that emerge and turn our landscape into every green color imaginable.

And of course, spring brings the awakening of all of our creatures, including people and neighbors who also come out of “hibernation,” to be ready once again to share talk, gestures and friendly exchanges with neighbors once again.

That first warm day of spring seemed to release people from their winter shelter. There were droves of people out in their yards, on their sidewalks, on the streets enjoying the sun and the beginning of spring in all its glory.

Growing up surrounded by flower gardens, vegetable gardens, strawberry patches and raspberry bushes, spring to me brings the joy of color that spring masterfully paints for us through the growth of flowers and plants. How can that not be food for the soul?

Spring is food for the soul and I hope that your soul is fed with all the joys of spring. Here are some ideas to jump start the glory of spring.

Of course, engaging in these activities with our children or grandchildren, etc. only adds to the happiness.

Coffee filter butterfly

Using paper coffee filters, pipe cleaners, water colors, paint brushes and water or markers and water in a spray bottle, you and your children can create these easy but beautiful butterflies.

Put the coffee filter on some newspaper or paper towels, and color the filter using markers or water color paint. If using markers, spray the filter with water. The colors will soak in and bleed together creating a beautiful color burst. Bend the pipe cleaner and place the coffee filter in the bend of the pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner around the filter to create the two wings. Bend the pipe cleaner to create and antennae.

These little flutterflies are fun and easy to make.

Clay pot bird bath

How about making a bird bath for those feathered friends that are back to visit?

Using a terra cotta pot and saucer (size you prefer) some epoxy, weather friendly outdoor paint and some clear acrylic sealing spray, you can create a bird bath sanctuary.

Paint the pot and saucer or you could even use grout and tiles, shells, beads, etc. to decorate the pot. Spray with the sealing spray and allow to dry. Turn the pot upside down for the base of the bird bath and epoxy the saucer to the bottom of the pot and you have got your very own bird bath – well, for the birds in your yard. This would also make a great gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, etc.

Flower pots

Decorating a pot to be the home for a beautiful plant is always a spring treat. And almost any container will work. Paint a clay pot; use a Styrofoam cup and crafts.kaboose.com suggests gluing colorful buttons around the rim of the cup.

You could also glue or grout buttons, shells, tile, marbles, etc. around the rim of a clay pot or other pot as well. When dry, plant a seed or a flower or a small piece of flower foam and a silk flower or other flower crafted with possible pipe cleaners and paper, tissue paper, etc. Use your imagination.

Some color magic

Create your own colorful blooms with a flower-dyeing activity offered by familyfun.com. I have done this activity before as well. Start with white flowers, such as carnations and daisies. Prepare a solution of food coloring and water (suggested: 20 drops of food coloring to each half-cup of warm water.)

Trim the stems at least two inches to fit your vase and then place them in the tinted water. Results can be seen in less than 24 hours. Science and fun in action!

Have fun enjoying the glories of spring!