Changing the law won’t help

August 25, 2008

by Kristen Miller

A number of college presidents are rallying for lowering of the legal drinking age to curb deadly binge drinking habits among the underage – especially college students.

My theory is that this would be like putting a deadly weapon in the hands of a child.

Instead of college students drinking at a frat party and walking home at night, they would be uptown at the bars and then driving home.

At any given age, it can be hard to determine how much is too much to drive home. For an 18-year-old of whom it is legal to drink, this would be even more difficult.

Also, it’s a known fact the older one gets, the smarter they become. Lowering the drinking age would only make it legal for immature, irresponsible, college students (I can say that since I used to be one) to make even more stupid decisions.

I think of binge drinking as a trend – a deadly trend, but nonetheless a trend that can be turned around.

Smoking, for example, used to be cool. Ads would show sophisticated women lighting up as sexy and someone to be admired.

Now, thanks to education, smoking is nothing short of a deadly, disgusting habit that causes unnecessary wrinkles on one’s face and preventable health problems.

Granted, there will be those kids who just don’t get it or maybe just don’t care, but there will be a great majority who actually take it to heart.

Another example is methamphetamine. Ten years ago, the average Joe didn’t even know what it was.

Now, again thanks to education, people (especially young people) know it’s a devastating drug that is likely to completely destroy one’s life and family.

Binge drinking, which can seem fun and exciting at the time, can also be just as deadly, and children need to know this.

Lowering the drinking age isn’t going to make these young adults more responsible drinkers, it will only put them on our roads at 1 a.m., even further putting their lives – and ours – in danger.

Also, lowering the legal drinking age will only lower the actual age kids start to drink, since it is only human nature to want to do what you can’t.

Lowering the legal drinking age would only cause more traffic accidents and DWIs, and fill up our prisons even more.

Instead, treat alcohol like methamphetamine and other deadly drugs. This may also mean controlling advertising, as with cigarettes.

Show the young minds how deadly drinking can be. And if that doesn’t work, maybe scientists could come up with a sobering pill.