No more frustration in the dark

January 28, 2008

by Pastor Lyndon Korhonen, Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church, Cokato

I woke up about 3 a.m. the other morning and decided I might as well go downstairs and put another chuck of wood in the stove.

I went to my closet in the dark, and reached for my robe. It was there, hanging on the hook, and I proceeded to put it on in the dark, using the loop from which it hangs as a guide (the loop on my robe is right at the neckline, between the hood and the rest of the robe.)

I can usually do this in the dark as I walk down the hall toward the stairs, but this time, it wasn’t going very well. I couldn’t find the sleeve.

I had to stop before the stairs and move into the light coming from the window to get the robe on. I wondered what had happened because nothing seemed to fit quite right.

Well, I had a good, quiet laugh when I discovered that instead of the loop to hang the robe by, I had one of the loops that holds the belt in place.

No wonder I couldn’t find a sleeve or my hood. Everything was out of place because, in the dark, I had the wrong reference point, and nothing made sense after that.

Without Jesus, God coming into this world, we have no reference point. We go through life fumbling around in darkness, trying to make sense of things we feel, and nothing seems to fit quite right.

Oh, if only we would let Jesus, the light of the world, show us our sinful condition by His commandments, we could tell him the truth about ourselves.

The truth is that we have sinned and fallen short of His glorious ideal. The truth is that we need Him to show us what life is all about. When we get Jesus as our reference point, all of life seems to come together.

What a wonderful way to start a new year! You can have Christ and His Word as your reference point, no matter what comes into your life this year. He will make sense of it ,if you trust in Him.

Without Him, we only fumble around in the dark.