Meet the risen Lord in scripture

March 24, 2008

by Pastor M. Zitzewitz, Mount Herman Lutheran Church, Annandale

“Alleluia! Christ is risen!” is the great Easter shout of joy raised by the church.

The tomb is empty; it cannot hold him. Death cannot keep him down. Our Lord Jesus Christ is living!

For Christians, believing in the risen Christ is more than believing that something wonderful happened 2,000 years ago. It also means believing that Jesus is active and moving in the world today. Because he lives, the risen Christ still comes to meet us today, just as he met Mary in the garden on that first Easter morning.

One of the ways that Christ meets us today is in Scripture. Martin Luther taught that, when we read and hear the Word of God (the Bible), the living Word of God (who is Jesus Christ) comes to us. So when we read the Bible, we not only learn about Jesus, but we actually meet him as he comes to us once again in that experience.

In central Minnesota, there will soon be one more Bible, and one more opportunity for people to experience the risen Christ anew in Scripture. St. John’s University in Collegeville has commissioned the first handwritten, illuminated Bible in modern times.

Like medieval Bibles, it is being written on vellum, using quills and natural ink. Yet, it uses a modern English translation, as well as contemporary scripts and art. Perhaps some of you had the chance to see the St. John’s Bible on exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Mount Hermon Lutheran Church will host a special presentation about the St. John’s Bible Thursday, May 29, at 7 p.m. A speaker will share with us, with video and reproductions, the story of this inspirational project. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for this free event.

This Easter season, and always, may you know the joy of meeting our risen Lord, as he comes to us through the pages of Holy Scripture!