Seeing our kids as God does

June 23, 2008

by Pastor Steven Basney, Open Arms Community Church, Howard Lake

When our children are born, it is among the happiest days of our lives. We look at the newborn babe and can’t help but wonder if this child is a future doctor, scientist, star quarterback, or perhaps even a future president. We look at them and see huge potential, with the sky as the limit.

However, as the years go by and they become older, we sometimes lose sight of their God-given potential, and we become focused on their shortcomings. We tend to only see things like messy bedrooms, unfinished chores, or the occasional bad attitudes; it turns out that they are human just like us, with flaws and a sinful nature.

As parents, we need to look past whatever disappointments we may have with our children and see them as God sees them. Whether our children are on the honor role or serving time in juvenile detention, they have room to grow and great untapped potential. We have to see our children not only as they are, but as they could be.

God has always looked at the potential in people. When God saw Abram (at that time, childless), He saw a “father of many nations.”

When God saw a young man named Gideon, who was hiding from his enemies, He saw a “mighty man of valor.”

When God saw a young shepherd boy named David, He saw a future king of Israel.

God looks at and speaks to the potential in others. We need to follow suit, especially with our children.

As Christian parents, our top priorities should be that our children are saved and learn to have Christ-centered lives based on scripture. We should also be helping them identify and develop their talents and abilities to reach their full potential for the glory of God.

None of this happens by accident. As parents, we must be prayerful, intentional, and disciplined. Our children need large doses of unconditional love and encouragement to be all that they can be.