Head to Higher Ground!

June 30, 2008

by Rev. Bill Baldwin, Prairie Evangelical U.C.C., Lester Prairie

As Joan Jett once said, “I love rock and roll.”

I, too, have always loved rock and roll, and probably always will. I grew up on all the hard rock bands of the ‘70s, and have continued to be an avid music fan to this day.

Recently, I went to see Rush at the Xcel Energy Center, and they were more fabulous than ever. There is something about the powerful energy of the sound and the crowd that never gets old and always gives me a boost.

As I Christian, I have major concerns about the lyrics and images portrayed by many bands. The stage patter is also often very vulgar. That is where Christian rock and pop music have come to save the day.

Christian music has evolved by leaps and bounds in the past 20 years – to the point that it finally meets or exceeds the production quality and musicianship of any secular artist.

If you went to Higher Ground in Winsted last year, you heard my all-time favorite Christian band, Third Day. They are as talented and entertaining as any band out there, and they are supremely worshipful when they want to be.

Another one of my favorites is The Newsboys, as in the “Good News,” I would assume. They are great musicians, songwriters, and performers, and they are deeply Christian men.

So, I say, plan to attend Higher Ground 2008 at the Winstock grounds in Winsted, Friday and Saturday, Aug. 15 and 16. What better way to spend your time – outside, enjoying great music.

Friday’s headliners, Casting Crowns, recently played the Xcel Energy Center, and in August, you can travel just a few minutes and a few miles and see them in Winsted.

Give it a shot, especially if you don’t like church, but love a great concert. I’ll see you there, sitting on my lawn chair with my sunglasses on.